It’s the little things in life

On the new laptop front: I’m loving it. I need to do a virus scan on my HP before I go and copy files over and make my Asus my primary computer, but I love it. It turns on (after being shut down) in 16 seconds, it’ll ‘wake up’ from being in sleep mode in […]

Baking, Christmas, Boxing Day

I did some more baking recently (sugar cookies and chocolate chip & oatmeal cookies). I made another batch of sugar cookies, but because I used smaller cookie cutters (the dinosaur ones are about double the size of my Christmas-themed cutters), I got almost 11 dozen cookies out of one batch of dough. The recipe is […]

I want sunshine!

It’s been busy in my world lately, what with a midterm (Wednesday), working on a few new patterns for (and I’m working on opening up a pattern store!), life in general. So it’s felt busy, at least to me! It’s still winter and the weather’s been utter crap. There was snow. And then there […]