On the new laptop front:

I started school last week and it’s been go-go-go ever since January 7th. It’s term 2 for me. I have some one new-to-me class and the rest are just a level up from last term, which is nice. I’m really making an effort in my class where the students do the teaching by participating and whatnot – it’s hard though, for me, as I’m not a chatty, talkative type (with people that I don’t know well). And as it’s a group (11 students, 1 instructor), and not a small group (2-3), it’s even harder for me. But I’m making an effort, really trying to anyways.

So far classes are going well… I think. There hasn’t been too much for me to be evaluated on yet, I don’t think, so my grades are still in tip-top shape! I think I’m going to enjoy clinical this term. I’m on a general surgery ward (primarily post-op patients). Last term I was on an acute general medicine ward, so it’s pretty interesting to compare and contrast the differences. One of my instructors for clinical skills is my clinical instructor, so he quizzed me a lot in lab today – nice thing to know that I can (hopefully?) make a good impression outside of the hospital! I get my first patient assignment of the term tomorrow afternoon and I’m trying to be proactive in making drug cards for the ‘common’ drugs from the list he had provided (but there’s probably like 50, so I will not be making them all in one go…)

In other news though, I’ve made things! Like socks…

So this happened...

And laminated notes for clinical…

More shrinkies for clinical.

And lastly, I got an all-metal construction 3-hole punch (the only plastic is in the tray that holds all the punched out paper). It may be the best investment I’ve ever made for school. Not only is it fantastic, but it’s so much better than the $2 3-hole punch that I previously had (it was metal and plastic and had holes to fit in a 3-ring binder) and it doesn’t hurt my hands when I try to punch holes into papers. Best thing ever.

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