Guess what?! :D (!!!)

So I passed calculus, just wanted everyone to know… because I’m so fucking happy about it. *Ahem* Anyways… Maybe a photo would help me emphasize my happiness over passing calculus? Yeah, that happy. Ahem. Not that I won a gold medal or anything… But now I’ve got all my grades in, yay! And I can […]


So I had my math final last night (starting at 7pm, bleh). I felt like it went fairly alright (then again, what do I know?). I had my biochemistry final today (yes, I know it’s a Sunday, someone should inform my university about that little tidbit too). And fudge it was difficult. =( On one […]

And the anti-derivative of e^(1.05x) is…?

Dear self, I love you, most days. See, I started off with a compliment! But for the love of my freaking sanity, could you please remember derivative and anti-derivative rules when it comes to trig functions and e? I know you hate e. You wish you could kill e and get rid of that letter […]