So I had my math final last night (starting at 7pm, bleh). I felt like it went fairly alright (then again, what do I know?). I had my biochemistry final today (yes, I know it’s a Sunday, someone should inform my university about that little tidbit too). And fudge it was difficult. =( On one hand, that class is not a prerequisite for any classes that I want to take in my 3rd and 4th year. On the other hand, it was freaking biochemistry and a difficult course and I spent a lot of money on the course, not to mention time. I’d finished nearly all of the problem sets (except for the second half of #8 – which was 30 pages long, by the way) and the practice final and all the tutorial problems and I feel as if all of those questions that they had made available to us did not fairly represent the difficulty of the problems that they were going to put onto the final. I left the room just before the professors told us that no one could leave as there was only 10 minutes left. There were people openly crying outside of the location of my biochem final. Openly crying. I saw one of my classmates on the bus after as I was leaving campus and she thought that was grossly unfair (in terms of difficulty when compared to the difficulty of the practice problems that we had). If they’re going to prepare us for the final, they should give us questions that reflect the level of difficulty or knowledge that we’re required to have for the final. </rant>

Just one more final before I’m done for the term… I won’t be getting my final grades until after the exam period is over (last day of April), but all of my professors have until mid-May to officially submit their marks (which is a lot better than when my psych professor took nearly a month after the final to input his grades). Whoot.

One more final, then I’m done for a couple months! πŸ˜€ I start work on May 3rd, pretty much looking forward to my almost week long break and to working again.

My sister was volunteering today at this convention and got a free ticket for my other sister to go and my sister (the one who wasn’t volunteering) met Mantracker! She got her photo taken with him and his autograph (one for her and one for me!). And I jokingly told her to ask him why he was so awesomely cool and then she did. His answer was “I’m not sure how to answer that without sounding vain”. Ahh, funny. I’ll take a photo of the photo card he autographed for me later!


  1. If you’re in school, what are you doing your summer term/break?
  2. What is one thing that made your day today?

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  1. Well, since I’m not in school, the one thing that made me happy today was being outside in the sun. It felt great!!

    1. I was crazy jealous about it, which is why she got him to autograph a card for me too and asked my stupid (hahaha) question. πŸ˜€ Apparently he’s super nice in person and really down-to-earth and I was like “Gaaaaaah, still jealous!!” (If I didn’t have an exam yesterday during the time he was at the convention, I totally would have went to meet him myself!)

  2. Wow you’re almost done, huh? The students in the school I work for aren’t done until the end of June. That means I’m not done until the end of June, haha. Lucky!

    Good luck on your last final!

    1. Haha, when I’m in university, compared to you teaching grade school so… πŸ˜› The terms at my school are weird (Sept-Dec, Jan-April and then summer’s all messed up where some classes are 4 weeks long, some are 6 weeks, some are 8).

      Thanks πŸ˜€

  3. I still can’t believe you had an exam on a sunday! but i hope they went well and that you do great on them. i thought i already commented on this entry lol, I must be loosing it. i must have read it and got distracted before i commented~!

    1. Ugh, I hate weekend exams =( But oh well, I always seem to have one per term on a Saturday – but I’ve never had one on a Sunday before (and it was the worst thing ever, haha). Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I know biochemistry sucked, lol.

  4. Technically it’s my break but I’m still working on grad films colouring scenes for them and then I start summer school on the 10th. I’m also working on artwork for AE in cause I ever get off the Artist Alley waitlist and I’m also doing research for my grad film.

    Best of luck with your last final!

    The thing that made my day today. Submitting my taxes online. I did everything in one day! Go procrastination! But even that wasn’t very exciting but I’m looking forward to hanging out with people when I get the chance. I need to plan somethings…Once I’m no longer colouring grad films…Whenever that will be. We must hang out! And I’m also looking foward to Free Comic Book Day on the first!

  5. That sounds ugly. I hope you did fairly in the exam anyway – it sounded really painful from the other students’ reactions. I wish you all the best in your final exam!

    1. If you’re in school, what are you doing your summer term/break?
    I’m on a study break now, which ends in less than a week. I have to pull my assignments together for the week back. D:
    2. What is one thing that made your day today?
    A compliment from a friend; she was proud that I did some work and didn’t just fool around on the internet. Dx

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