Reflections & A New Year

2012 was the year that I… Took classes that I truly enjoyed in university Took my first distance education course (purely online, even the final!) Finished off my very last semester in university with high grades (!) Graduated. Walked across a stage. Have a funny cap and a piece of paper with my name on […]

A sitting duck, Christmas and other thoughts

Hello, hello. *wave* I don’t blog very much, do I? Since the 10th, I had: completed all of my finals (I’ve received final grades for 3 of 4 courses so far), baked (a lot: a dozen dozen cookies!), slept in (mmm) and I did something absolutely horrid to my left foot. From the moment I […]

Mastering Procrastination

It’s always when I have a million and one things to do that I end up blogging. Why? Probably because I could be one of the many Queens of Procrastination. Next week I have a couple of midterms and a lab quiz. I’m more worried for my lab quiz than I am the midterms. Why? […]