It’s always when I have a million and one things to do that I end up blogging. Why? Probably because I could be one of the many Queens of Procrastination. Next week I have a couple of midterms and a lab quiz. I’m more worried for my lab quiz than I am the midterms. Why? Mostly because I did very poorly (but not a failing grade) on the first lab quiz (worth 5% of my total grade, so I’m not entirely nervous about it yet). And the other two midterms? Multiple choice. Yes, I know, be happy for me that I ended up taking 300-level courses for my secondary concentration that ended up with fully multiple choice tests. (Have I also mentioned that I’m horrible at multiple choice because I generally second guess myself?) Luckily I like my professors and they’re fairly approachable. Even if they’re dropping F-bombs in lecture because their ancient laptop freezes for the umpteenth time while connected to the school’s “secure” wifi network.

In other news, I bought candy on November 1st because that’s when it’s cheap. I bought Tootsie Roll pops, mini Hershey chocolate bars, mini Kit-Kat bars, little boxes of Smarties, a bag of mini lollis, Halloween-themed Lindt chocolate balls, Halloween-themed Kinder Surprise Eggs and a box of 120 mini chocolate bars. Nom nom nom. I knew I always loved November. And it’s not just for the sugar rush either.

I was told by my friend’s mom that I’m a (and I quote) “horrible influence” on her daughter this week. Why? Because I told her daughter to do what makes her happy and that it’s okay to kiss a boy that she’s dating. Zomg. You would have thought I told my friend that it’s perfectly okay to shoot up drugs and get wasted during a midterm or something. Public enemy no. 1, that’s me. Then again, I may have said to her face that she was crazy. Because I honestly do believe that she is. Which also did not help her perception of me as being a horrible influence. But really, who tells their daughter that they have to marry a guy first and then date him? And that if you hold hands, you’d better be married first? Crack pots, that’s who. Even my own mother thinks that it’s really weird and completely backwards (I found someone with parents more traditional/strict than mine, with an extra helping of crazy-pants added in there).

Now I’m going back to studying because I have lots of things to do! I also get invited to my sister’s birthday party, which was very generous of her considering she’s having it at the house that I live in and I plan to be in the house at the time of the party anyways. I’m only going for the food though. And if her friends start singing karaoke again, my ears may bleed. (There is very few things worse than listening to grown men trying to sing soprano when they really should never ever ever try to hit those notes because their range is not that high. Also, they sing 90’s pop songs, because what’s what we have in terms of karaoke discs.)

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  1. I always second guess myself on multiple choice tests. I hated teachers who gave me multiple choice tests. Especially multiple choice MATH tests. Those are the worst especially since I believe in partial credit on HUGE calculus problems. I’m always going to be one of those math teachers who gives partial credit on math problems because I’m not an evil lazy teacher who just wants to feed the scan tron machine.

    Anyway. How the hell are you a horrible influence? You are probably about one of the best influences I can think of and it sounds like this mother is just being ridiculous. Apparently kissing is a bad influence? Well, if she thinks she can stop her daughter from doing that, she’s in for a surprise. I could go on a really long rant here about parents like that but I won’t.

    Now back to studying you go! Stop reading my awesome comments! Stop reading! Why are you still reading it? You’re still reading? Stop! Stop it, I say! Ahhh!

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