Now that I have been officially denied any loans or grants for the upcoming school term (January 5 to May 8), the looming total of how much I owe for student loans is final: $16,477. That would be $16,477 Canadian dollars for what amounts to be what I borrowed to cover 4 terms of school […]

One or Six

Depending on how you count it, I am either celebrating my 1st anniversary (again) or my 6th anniversary with my boyfriend today (or sometime in the next few weeks). This is because a little over a year ago, we broke up. Then we got back together after talking for what felt like a really long […]

School is out for the summer!

For 16 days at least, as I start up again on August 18th. No rest for the wicked! I had my last summer course final today. Not entirely sure how I did, and frankly at this point (going straight from January until today), I don’t care as much as I probably should. That said, I […]