LiveCity Yaletown, Ontario House and Sochi World

After splitting up with my sisters yesterday, I met up with my friends (J and S) at Waterfront Station in Vancouver. Our first move was to go from Waterfront Station to Yaletown-Roundhouse Station as the wait for the train was not that long and it’d be a bit faster than walking. There was some interesting […]

Swelling-be-gone =)

Wow, the last time I blogged here was Tuesday? Lots of changed since then (sort of). WednesdayThis was the day that it really hit that I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I woke up very tired and sore. The swelling really started to hit. Also, I didn’t eat very much with the medication that my […]

Beach time and photo dump!

My friend J had her birthday party yesterday at a local beach! It was quite fun and it was really warm out (however, when we first got there, the beach had just a few people and it was breezy and cold). It was fun though, I got to see people that I generally don’t regularly […]