Wow, the last time I blogged here was Tuesday? Lots of changed since then (sort of).

This was the day that it really hit that I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I woke up very tired and sore. The swelling really started to hit. Also, I didn’t eat very much with the medication that my dentist prescribed and it said ‘Take With Food’. Apparently half of a mushed up banana wasn’t enough and my body really did not like the medication and basically rejected it. Which sucked. I got incredibly cranky and ended up sleeping with an ice pack against my face (don’t worry, I pushed it off sometime during my sleep). I watched some of the Olympic events, fell asleep during it though. I didn’t realize that I’d get so tired from getting my teeth pulled. I guess it’s my body’s way of saying that I need to sleep, rest and let my immune system deal with the trauma of minor oral surgery.

So Thursday I actually left my house. I went to No Frills just to buy bananas and generic ibuprofen, which was fun. I swear the cashier looked at me funny when she eyed what I had and went “Is that all?” like she was expecting me to have a shopping cart full of stuff. I watched some Olympic events again. I find that I like the ‘racing’ type events the best, or the ones that have the most aerobatic things. So far, I’ve enjoyed watching the moguls (each run is fast and plus they do neat tricks), snowboard cross (racing!), halfpipe (men’s is so much more entertaining that women’s, only because they do more interesting tricks) and some of the figure skating events. Went to bed relatively early (just to wake up again and stayed up until around 1am). Studied for my biology lab midterm (the Tuesday I go back to school) and did some math problems.

Friday (today!)
So far, I’ve taken some photos of my dolls (who’ve been neglected), some things I’ve made for the Blythe Spring Swap (criteria is that everything needs to be handcrafted) and of my sister’s Vancouver 2010 Olympic plushies. I adore them, Quatchi is super cuddly. I plan on repotting my bean plant as it’s outgrown the small pot I initially planted it in, as well was watching Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice (I didn’t last night because I was feeling tired, that’s a first!). I also plan on trying food that’s a little bit more solid today! Since getting my two left wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday, I’ve consumed: congee (rice porridge), peanut butter, mushed bananas, apple sauce, cream of mushroom soup and clear chicken broth. Mushed bananas are the best since even if I don’t get the pieces really small, I can swallow them straight down. Peanut butter took a lot of effort, the swelling didn’t allow for very good movement of my tongue (TMI?). Cream of mushroom soup was delightful. I’m pleased to be able to say that the swelling has gone down quite considerably, there’s barely a difference between the two sides of my cheeks now (yay!). I’m also able to brush my teeth without being in pain (whoot!) and the incision site for my bottom left wisdom tooth is healing quite nicely!

These are my sister’s plushies. At the back (in the earmuffs) is Quatchi. In the front row, from left to right, is Sumi (Paralympics mascot), Mukmuk (sidekick) and Miga (whom I personally consider to be the mascot who transfers the worst from drawings to plushie form):

Group shot!

And this is my favourite photo that I’ve taken today, it’s of Sophie (my first Blythe doll):

Stock Swap Day!

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  1. Hm… I had a wisdom tooth pulled two years ago. Wasn’t too bad >.>

    I hate when I go to a store to buy one thing and the cashier’s like, “Wut? Dat’s eet?” Like, really, I need to have a giant cart full of shit or something? Jeebus.

    1. I had two done in the same sitting. The top one came out very easily, but the bottom one required the tooth to be sawed into pieces because of how badly impacted it was, that’s the part that’s still swollen at this time.

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Dental work is NO FUN.

    QUATCHI! My friend sent me one from Canada, too! We have twins! 🙂

    I love that photo of Sophie.

    1. I think I saw that photo in your Flickr stream, didn’t Aidan send it to you? =) All of them actually belong to my sister, but I have custodial rights since I’ve been sitting around at home lately. And I love that photo of Sophie too, totally reminds me why she was my first Blythe.

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