Musings for the weekend

My dolly blog is up! However, the links on the side don’t work (yet). They link back here, haha. But I’ll get them done this weekend – I got a little sidetrack by this cute feel-good movie that was on tv (called Chestnut: Hero of Central Park) which, while predictable, was a very nice movie […]

Can’t sink any lower

Today’s been pretty slow. Woke up, went to work, spent an absurd amount of time walking between my cubicle and the computers I used to work on all the time because a) my computer is not hooked up to any of the printers in the building and b) their’s is really the only computers I […]

I twilight-fangirl-squealed a little on the inside.

I am totally blogging this just so I can look back and point back to the exact date that the lovely boyfriend agreed to go see Twilight with me in the event that he’s a total jerk (again) and cancels on me (again…). Anyways, as the plans currently stand, we will be going to see […]