Today’s been pretty slow. Woke up, went to work, spent an absurd amount of time walking between my cubicle and the computers I used to work on all the time because a) my computer is not hooked up to any of the printers in the building and b) their’s is really the only computers I feel comfortable using as they know what I’m doing and… they’re used to me asking if I can print something ‘really quick’. That being said, I spent most of today and will probably spend most of tomorrow getting things ready for Friday. Where I’ll be attending a meeting with a bunch of people that I don’t really know and explaining to them what I’m doing. I hate public speaking with a dying passion, so hopefully it’s not too bad. And it’s not like it’s a topic I don’t know and am forced to BS in front of people. But still. Michelle and public speaking is a bad, bad, bad combination. So hopefully Friday goes well (and yes, I’ll probably bring this up again tomorrow – I’m occasionally predictable like that).

Oh, for interesting coworker conversations… It was my mom, A, D and myself in the lunchroom. So my mom’s washing her lunch dishes and I’m waiting for her to be done, and she mentions that I should be a good daughter and do hers as well (she was joking – unlike my father, in regards to dishes). So I mentioned (with a smile!) that I was a horrible daughter.

D heard (of course) and laughs and goes “The truth comes out at last!”. A didn’t hear it and asked D what he was talking about – it gets repeated. And they laugh (and laugh and laugh and laugh). So then D and I continue this conversation about how it’s technically better to be either the worst or the best because you’d be the “best” in the category, regardless. Score. A was telling me that I probably wasn’t that bad, which I agreed to. But it helps as if you’re the ‘worst’ at something, you really can’t sink any lower. I just reread all of that and it barely makes any sense to me, and I was there. I guess it was just one of those “you have to be there” things.

At work, there’s two D’s (actually, there’s a lot more than two D’s, too many people have similar or the same name there, but that’s besides the point). And one’s really nice and pretty easy going (and was the one who laughed and said that the truth comes out at last…) and the other one is kind of annoying and likes bugging me. Or tossing used paper towels (covered in black grease or whatever it is that comes from the machines) at me. And since I’ve been back at work (since April 27th, a Monday) he’s been actually civilized to me and hasn’t tried to press my face into disgusting paper towels or tried to push me around or trip me or anything. I think someone’s grown up since last summer. And I’m quite pleased with that as grease (or whatever that stuff is) is disgusting. I have no clue exactly what it is, just that it’s gross. And I’d very much like to refrain from getting it on me (… that said, I have gotten it on my hands before… Thanks to some other people who thought it’d be really damn funny to wipe it on me. Names withheld.).

And… I think that’s all my news for today. Work, some conversation, some growing up, more work and more work and more work… I certainly know how to have an excellent summer while off from school. Most of my friends seem to be either working (part-time) at one or two jobs and/or taking summer classes. And some of them are telling me that I have no life as I’m juggling full-time work, 2 hours a week for volunteering and whatever else it is that I do with my time (crafting, blogging, lusting after Blythe dolls, instant messaging… eating, sleeping, watching television, Twittering… having arguments with my dad, socializing, spending time with people…)… I guess that seems like a lot. But I don’t sleep that much, honest!

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  1. I was very concerned upon reading the blog title. I thought something had happened and I was going to have to give you a big ol ehug to make you feel better. Well, it seems all went well but I can still give you ahug because I love you, yo.


    Yay for no greasy-paper-towel-in-face thus far! I do admire you for being able to work full time and juggle everything, it’s a big responsibility. Go Michelle! Go Go Go!

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