Good morning, moon???

Good morning, world. It’s a wonderful, dreary, rainy and oh-so-very gray Tuesday morning out in British Columbia. That being said, when I was waiting for one of my buses this morning, I saw the moon. The moon. And promptly sent this text to Clay: If the moon’s still up, it means it’s too early for […]

I’m not like “everyone else”

Hey everyone, thanks for the concern about yesterday. (Caity, sorry there wasn’t a block of Michelle text waiting for you!) So… Sunday. I went to bed like really late, I stayed up to talk to Clay and then I fell asleep on him (I do this a lot, by the way), which wasn’t my intention […]

Apple sauce

My biology final is done. Done, done, done, done, done, done. As of 9pm. I smiled. Greatly. Oh, and I’ve also discovered apple iced tea. Which was amazing. And apparently there’s raspberry iced tea as well? Where have I been living? (… ‘underneath a rock’ is not an appropriate answer to that question!) So two […]