Hey everyone, thanks for the concern about yesterday. (Caity, sorry there wasn’t a block of Michelle text waiting for you!)

So… Sunday. I went to bed like really late, I stayed up to talk to Clay and then I fell asleep on him (I do this a lot, by the way), which wasn’t my intention at all. Then I woke up again at probably around 3:30am and we started talking again. And at this point, I’m like wide awake. I went to bed at around 1am-ish, so I only got a little over an hour of sleep. But I’m like wired, totally awake, and I stayed up until about… 6am, if memory serves. I said good night, head hit the pillow and I was out like a light. I woke up at around 10am, so I had a little over five hours of sleep in total to function on for Sunday. Which is never a good thing. But I did pretty okay in terms of being able to function.

My family and I went to my sister’s show (she’s in a show choir, so that was really awesome, they did a bunch of classics and some songs from musicals), so that was nice. Everything was fineΒ  up until sometime in the evening when my dad started complaining about the show (he didn’t know any of the songs, so he didn’t enjoy it as he also didn’t understand the lyrics as well) and how he had to go and how hot it was yesterday and then he got really mad at me for not putting something back (an exacto knife, if anyone’s curious – there’s like one in every room of my house – don’t ask why). And it wasn’t me that had moved it, so I was trying to defend myself and he just cuts me off and goes off about how I just always say that it isn’t me, even though he just knows that it always is me.

(Turns out that it was my mom that moved it and didn’t put it back – he didn’t apologize, he also didn’t yell at her, he just stalked off.)

So my rather cheerful mood just bottomed out after that. Hence last night’s entry. Which was all of like… Fourteen words.

So Monday! It was super sunny today and very hot at work. Luckily my cubicle is in an area with air conditioning – however it just makes everywhere else in the building seem very hot. I didn’t have a whole lot to do today. I had actually had stuff to do from 8am to about 1pm, but after that there wasn’t very much and I couldn’t find my boss anywhere to see if there was anything else he’d like for me to work on as he was in a meeting until about five minutes before I had to leave. So I wasn’t very productive today. I stayed hydrated, read the news online, did all my work, walked around, talked. It was… lazily productive, I’d say. Which isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot. But I tried to do more work, but I wasn’t about to interrupt the meeting since it was important.

But coming home was okay, I fell asleep in the car since it was so hot (even with the window down). However, everything fell apart once it was dinner time. Because my dad decided it was at that point that would be best to start asking me why I’m not applying for nursing classes for this September. The answer: I wasn’t eligible to apply for the program at my school when they were taking applications (in December). And then there was the question of why that wasn’t possible. And how I never plan anything. And how I’m not serious enough for school. And how everyone else can do a Bachelor’s degree in four years, instead of five like me (which is kind of funny… Considering both of my sisters did their BSc’s in five years instead of four – and I don’t think any of my friends are on the path to being able to complete their Bachelors in four years right now anyways!). And went on and on and on and on about that.

I mean, sure, it’s good that my dad cares about my education. I guess. But at the same time, he asked me the exact same question 3 times in 30 minutes. The exact same question. I answered it in the exact same way each time. My answer did not change, at all. And every single time I answered the question (about why I didn’t have enough credits, etc.) he got angrier and angrier. He actually came out and said that he thought I was “doing this” (i.e. taking more than four years to complete a degree) to spite him. Like I really see the connection between my completing a degree, graduating and getting a full time job and… him.

But to leave off on a less… I-am-upset note, here’s a text message that I sent to Kelsey today:

I’m learning the hard way how stupid people can be. How hard is it to understand that something cannot be on and off at the same time?

How did your Monday go?

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  1. I’m sorry that your Dad is being a tight ass. I didn’t get along with my own Father until after I moved out of the house. I’m glad I’m not the only one that falls asleep due to the heat. I think that’s why I’ve been so tired lately despite the amount of sleep. Hopefully having the AC on will help for me.

    As for my Monday. Well like yours, it sucked. Parents don’t give their child the medicine they need before shipping him to the daycare, so we get to deal with the off the wall hyperness, non listening, effects. I was at my wits end by the end of the day with that combined with everything else. I’m glad to be home and look forward to another day though :).

  2. Tons of people take more than four years to complete a degree, I don’t see what’s the big deal about taking a little more time, it’s not like you’re spending a decade at school for a bachelor’s degree. My mom is sorta like that too except probably not as hardcore about it as your dad πŸ™ Kinda know how you feel.

  3. Show him a pharmacy degree — that takes, like, at least seven years to complete. Or how long it takes to become a doctor, much less a specialized one. Or a veterinarian. Apparently your dad does not realize that degrees are taking longer these days. What with the increased amount of information in different fields, there are increasing amounts of majors than cannot be complete in four years — your dad really needs to look into what he’s talking about…before he tries to talk about it. u_U

  4. Now this is better. Here’s my block of Michelle text! Thank you!

    I’m sorry your dad is being so frustrating about your education. I’m sure he only wants the best for you but I understand how irritating it can be. He should just trust that you will do whatever is best for you.

  5. Hi Michelle! Sorry I haven’t really been keeping up with your blogs for the past few days! I had some assignments which were really bleh.

    I should just let my databases fix themselves. πŸ˜›

    Eeep. I don’t think four years (or more) is long to do a degree. My orthodontist had to take 5 years for dentistry and another 5 years for orthodontics. And many degrees here – engineering pretty much – is five years. Perhaps it’s because it comes with a diploma – but four years isn’t a lot at all. My parents would think about money. *nods*

    I’ll be only 21 or 22 when I graduate. I was even thinking of doing another degree…

    I had only five hours of sleep the other day when I was trying to finish my assignment… eek.

    Too bad your father didn’t know the songs; he must have had a really bad day to be irritated by that. πŸ™

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