Busy bee on a sunny Saturday

Today seemed fairly short, which was good and bad. Good because it felt like the day went by quickly and that I did a lot. Bad because it’s the weekend and who ever wants the weekend to go by quickly? I got my stitches removed at the dentist, it was a very quick procedure (maybe […]

Oh, food

The last few days have really sucked for me. Wisdom teeth extraction is actually one the things lowest on the list of things that have gone bad actually. Ugh. I just wanted to share my latest victory, post-wisdom-teeth-extraction: Two days post-wisdom teeth extraction, swelling is way down and I’m already eating solid food! And to […]

Wisdomless – Part 2

I got the two wisdom teeth on the right side taken out today. The dental assistant went and made sure that they were playing a new movie for me, since I was going to be in the chair for such a long time (Night at the Museum, for anyone who is interested in what I […]