I got the two wisdom teeth on the right side taken out today. The dental assistant went and made sure that they were playing a new movie for me, since I was going to be in the chair for such a long time (Night at the Museum, for anyone who is interested in what I saw). I was there for three hours, mostly because of the bottom tooth (really badly impacted, apparently it’s one of the “best” worst impacted wisdom teeth that my dentist has ever seen. I guess that’s something, right?). Bottom tooth was done first, badly impacted and involved some scalpel work and a lot of suctioning of blood (meep). It came out in several pieces, same as my left impacted (bottom again) tooth last week. The top one came out with little issues, but the dental assistant (they switched out) suddenly went “Oh my God” while she was holding onto the suction.

And it freaked me the hell out. Like, did they screw up? Did the x-ray not show badly mutated roots for that tooth? Did the tooth have tentacles or had teeth (lol) and was coming after them?

None of the above, thankfully. I just had a bit of a bleeding issue in which there was no end to the bleeding for a few minutes. Mouths heal quickly, and the dentist mentioned that last week, the left top socket (no stitches because there was no incision) stopped bleeding fairly quickly except for a small amount. This time, no such luck. The now-empty socket ended up getting packed with some kind of material (that I don’t need to remove, it’ll “come out on its own”, how nice for it) and I was given a (crappy) cold compress (which was not that cold) and then went home.

I’m back to icing my swollen jaw (whoot…) and not eating solid food again. Luckily I know what to do this time around instead of fumbling about with the instructions sheet that the dentist provided me with. They gave me another bag full of packets of sterilized gauze that I just… don’t use. They said to only use it when I’m bleeding (but only change it out once ever 30 minutes and if bleeding persists past 2 hours, to go back in to get it looked at), but I haven’t had a need beyond changing it out once or twice and that’s about it. Which is nice, because I don’t like the feeling of gauze in my mouth.

After I got home, I napped for a little bit and then turned on my laptop (lol) and unboxed Blythe #4 (of 5, one of them skipped the queue) and there’s some photos up on Flickr and commentary on my dolly blog. Her name is Bennett and I love her (granted, I love all my Blythes… My second cousin actually sent me a very serious-sounding email the other day to inform me that I desperately need to seek therapy for my “issues” due to my dolls.). I watched some of the recorded Olympics events from yesterday (awesome moment for Canadian athletes!) and today’s episode of General Hospital (ahh, GH love). My mom came home and the first thing she said was “Aww, Michelle, you look like a chipmunk!”. My sister, when she arrived home, she look one look at me and said “So… Guess what I bought today!”. Ahh, last Tuesday when I got my two left wisdom teeth removed, she brought home the Mukmuk plushie on a keychain. Today, she came home with a bunch of yarn (and here I thought we were both yarn dieting unless we had a very specific project in mind and were going to use it ASAP). Yum, yarn.

Anyways… Time for bed for me. Feeling pretty out of it. All the stuff from the needles given at the dentist have worn off (a whooping 14 injections this time – 2 of them were into the roof of my mouth, and those hurt like hell) so I’m just on… antibiotics and good old generic ibuprofen right now. They decided to not give me antiinflammatories this time, I did ask about it.

Just need sleep… and rest. =)

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  1. Your teeth must have been really stubborn. O_O I had some teeth taken out to have braces but the experience wasn’t so bad. They provided me with a bit of gauze too, but not a whole bag. At the time I really wanted a bag.

    I didn’t like the feeling of gauze in my mouth but I didn’t like the blood going all over my tongue either, so I preferred to have it there. I had one tooth taken out on each side so it was hell trying to chew with my incisors. XP

    Now my wisdom teeth are coming down on both sides and it hurts to chew on both sides. -_-

    1. It’s mostly the fact that my bottom wisdom teeth were impacted that caused the most issues. The one on my left had been only out a little bit, but was coming up at such an angle that it was pushing the one in front of it forward. Same sort of deal with my impacted bottom right wisdom tooth. I saw the x-rays for my teeth, the roots for the bottom ones were both curved, which doesn’t help matters. The top ones (which were fully out) were easy-peasy, compared to the bottom ones. The bulk of my swelling comes from the bottom ones, as they had to be cut out in pieces to be removed.

  2. Ouch! I’m sorry your teeth caused so many problems. That doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Boo for not eating solid food again either. I’m sorry. Hopefully this is all taken care of soon. 🙁

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