Everyone pretty much loves receiving mail, I know that I do. Now, if that mail isn’t bills or useless junk that ends up straight in the shredding pile or the recycling pile – even better. So I’ve compiled a list of websites where you can sign up to get free mail. Sure, a lot of it has some ads but they also have some pretty decent coupons throughout and it’s a pretty good deal when it’s all free. Please note that you are responsible for reading all the Terms and Conditions for the respective websites, IS.com takes no responsibility for any issues that may occur when signing up for mail at any of the websites listed.

Canada Post offers two great publications: Collections and Details. Collections comes out three times a year and Details is delivered four times a year, when you sign up, you’ll be sent both whenever they come out. In catalogue format, Details offers histories and, as the title suggests, more details surrounding the stamp and the artwork being featured. Collections will always have a section in the back where you can order stamps from other countries via Canada Post. Pretty nifty and it’s kind of a stamp collector’s dream. Canadian residents only.

Kraft Canada offers a great magazine called What’s Cooking. To sign up for it, just click the sign up link and it will take you through the steps to make an account at their website, where you can opt to receive their What’s Cooking magazine and there is usually four issues a year (so you’ll get one every three months or so). What’s great about it is that it’s free and you can get some pretty nice recipes to play with in the kitchen. They will also have seasonal recipes for fruit and vegetables that are in season, as well as great desserts for whatever holidays are around the time when the magazine arrives at your door. Canadian residents only.

Procter & Gamble has this nifty little magazine called Rouge that comes out three times a year. It comes full of coupons and assorted tips for cosmetics and hair. Sometimes the magazine will also come with free samples (or coupons for free samples) when it arrives at your door. There’s also a monthly newsletter which also includes some great savings from time to time. Canadian residents only.

Tokyopop offers a magazine as well, for all those manga lovers out there. You just need to check the box to receive the free magazine. This is available to US residents only.

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