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There is always a need to find something to do. Perhaps you need an excuse not to go and do the laundry, perhaps you just don’t want to go for a run and need to occupy yourself somehow, and maybe, just maybe, you need to kill a little bit of time before actually going to class for the first time in a week. We’ve all been there (actually, that’s a lie, I’ve never skipped classes for a full week unless there were no classes to attend in the first place) and so here is my list of procrastination resources. Happy procrastinating!

Please note that does not take responsibility for any issues that may occur with yourself or your computer when accessing these websites. is a flash-based Tetris game that offers bright colours, soft beeping sounds and ten levels of game play. It’s easy to use as it uses the basic arrow keys for moving the blocks around, which should be familiar to anyone who has played Tetris before. offers a large library of games which are, for the most part, easy to play (and this is coming from someone who fails easily at games of all sorts). My favourites are Black Knight, where you play a knight who’s collecting taxes from people to give to your king and is set in a medieval time period, and MotherLoad, where you control a small drilling robot-like character and drill for precious metals in order to upgrade your robot-like character. The games may take a bit longer to load if you’re on a slower internet connection, but they load pretty quickly if you’re on cable internet. is easy to use, loads fairly quickly and, best of all, free to use. For those who don’t know what sudoku is, it’s a number puzzle. There are nine rows and nine columns and each number from 1 to 9 can only appear in a column once, it can only appear in a row once and it can only appear in a square (3×3 square) once. offers four levels of challenging puzzles ranging from Easy to Evil. You also have options to print the puzzle if you can’t be tethered to the computer for too long. It will also tell you how you did according to the stats on the puzzles completed collected by the website.

Yahoo! Kids is the new version of what was formally known as ‘Yahooligans’, for those who were around during the dark ages of the internet. It has some great games that are very easy to play – I should know, I’ve played most of them. Most of their games do seem to use Javascript and some of them were a bit on the slow side of loading, even with my speedy cable internet.

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