We all know what the important things to consider in university are. You go to school (or live in residence, you lucky bum), you pay for tuition and textbooks, you attend the lectures and the labs and when you get home (or to your room) the last thing that you want to do (or rather, the last thing that I want to do) is study or review. Of course, there are some days that you can’t get away with not studying, especially when that final worth 60% is the day after tomorrow. But for the days that you can get away with procrastinating for an hour or so, here are some ways that you can do it.

Clean up your room. This way, you can say that you were in fact doing something productive and you get a clean(er) room out of it. Or you could do laundry or clean up your files on your computer. If you think that everything is completely clean, you can also go about changing the layout of posters, or clean your windows. Or reorganize your bookshelf by alphabetical order of author name, alphabetical order of book name, genre and sub-genre, size, new and used or books that you really like or ones that you don’t like at all. See, your options just inside your room are kind of endless that way.

If you have a Nintendo DS, you should already realize how addictive some of the games can be. So if you’ve ‘finished’ that Pokemon game, go back to the same game and set forth in capturing all the available Pokemon! As some of them are impossible for you to catch (ie. the other ‘starter’ Pokemon at the beginning), it should take you a while to get them all. If you really do get stuck, you can trade via the internet with other ‘trainers’ so you can catch ’em all.

Start a blog. Use any of the available programs or scripts for it and just start one. Write an entire entry about how much you don’t want to study or just complain about the fact that your room is so dirty. Before you know it, half an hour has passed and hopefully you’re in the mood to review that organic chemistry.

Find, and buy, a Tamagotchi. You remember those cute little things that became popular back in 1997? Plus, the new ones that are one now can ‘connect’ with another Tamagotchi so that they can make friends. There are also more games in those things nowadays and more options for you to play with. Your local toy store should carry them, I know that Walmart and Toys ‘R Us carry them.

This goes with the blog part – write content. Lots and lots of content pages. Make them meaningful, make them funny, make them long or short. Just write a lot. Do a page or two per day, just write a whole bunch. Not only can you sort of justify that you’re being productive, you can also say that you did some work on your site as well.

Pull out Photoshop, or your photo editing program of choice, and make yourself a new desktop wallpaper. Even more time consuming: make yourself a new desktop wallpaper, a new avatar and signature set for each of the forums that you frequent and a new display image for each of the instant messaging programs that you use. Depending on how much of a perfectionist that you are, you’ll be able to do this for a while.

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