2015 is going to be a big(gish) year for me. There’s so much to do in the first half, that it’s a bit overwhelming:

January: Having a “no spend” month (besides: tuition, groceries, gas, regular bills). (What was I thinking?)

January-March: Preceptorship 1, temporarily move, complete 300 clinical hours. Don’t mess up.

March-May: Preceptorship 2, move back home (!), complete 300 clinical hours. Don’t mess up. Hopefully get a job. Maybe go on a (short) trip?

June: Graduate and end of my 8 year stint in the post-secondary education world. For now. Write the NCLEX and pass. Get a job. And maybe a car.

July: Attending a wedding, date TBD – yay!

August: T-Swift concert and BlytheCon Vancouver.

After August…? Who knows? The goal is to have 2/3 of my student loans paid off before I finish school in May, and then to do a family loan to cover the last 1/3 as family doesn’t charge me interest like the student loans people do. Then the real goal is to have that loan paid off before the end of 2015, so I can be debt free in 2016. Moving out (for real) is also part of the Life Plan, along with telling the parents about the Boyfriend (finally), and being a Grown-Up (whatever that looks like). Likely I will need to get a car once real life hits, because relying on transit when I’ll be working as a casual/getting called in for shifts will be a huge pain.

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  1. Wishing you all the best in your studies! You’re almost done and then it’s the real world for you. Good luck with telling your parents about the boyfriend, also. I’ve been dating mine nearly 8 years and my dad has no idea. (He’s super strict and forbid my sisters and I to date. hah!)

  2. Wait, hasn’t it been like six years? How did you keep it secret for so long? I couldn’t even keep it secret past two weeks. Although we made an effort to be more visible and obvious because secrecy had never done well for us in the past.

    Being a Real Adult is so hard. I don’t like it. 🙁

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