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Written on May 12, 2015 at 8:51 am
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I passed my final preceptorship (practicum) last Friday. My school confirms with the CRNBC this week that I passed (and it takes a few business days for the CRNBC to tell me that I can pay for my provisional licensing), and then the CRNBC tells Pearson Vue that I passed and therefore an eligible to write the NCLEX. Confused yet?

School talks to CRNBC, CRNBC talks to Pearson Vue, Pearson Vue emails me and goes “Hey, you can write this $360 exam now”.

As of right now, I am a nurse – sort of. I don’t have a provisional license yet, so I cannot work at this moment in time. However, once my school confirms I’m done, I’m eligible for my provisional licensing (which I believe is $450), and I’m eligible to write the exam. If and when I pass, my provisional license turns into a regular license which means then I can call myself a registered nurse (and not a moment sooner).

But I passed my final practicum! I passed the nursing program. It’s been a long (and at times, short) three years of my life. This time in 2012, I was finishing up my B.Sc and excited about getting into the nursing program at the school I’m at now. Next month, I will be walking across (yet another stage) and receiving my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Over the next few weeks, I will be studying for one of the most important exams of my life. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

NCLEX stress

Written on April 21, 2015 at 11:30 am
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Since last summer, I’ve owned NCLEX study materials. I bought a few books off of Amazon and then they sat on my shelf for the better part of the summer. And then all through term 5. And, if I’m being honest, they moved with me for my first term 6 practicum and sat on a shelf looking pretty. Now they’re laid out in front of me and I’ve flagged many, many pages as I go through the review process, it’s a bit daunting to think that I’ve learned this much over the course of 3 years.

Many of my classmates have opted to sign up for NCLEX review courses that typically go for 3-5 days. But these review courses are often $400-500USD, which with the current exchange rate makes them incredibly more expensive (hello, poor Canadian dollar!) and that just makes signing up for one of these courses completely unattainable for me, at this time. While I’d love to be able to spend over $600CDN on an intensive review courses, there is the matter of a cash flow issue for me at this time. As in, I just don’t have it. Luckily, many others have passed the NCLEX without attending fancy review courses, and I will be making out a study schedule for myself when the term is over. I don’t want to wait too long after I’m done the program to write it, in fear of all that knowledge just falling out. It’s been a (little) while since I’ve done mental health, or maternity and pediatrics, that I really need to get my mind wrapped around that knowledge again (especially the medications, oy the medications!).

You’ll just have to excuse me as I go mostly silent on the internet again as I get to worrying and stressing over the NCLEX!


Written on April 13, 2015 at 11:47 am
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I am, in short, alive. What have I been up to? Let’s recap my 2015 plans!

I had a great no-spend month in January. I should invoke such personal challenges every month because spending money without an active income is kind of a stupid notion.

From January to early March I temporarily moved away from home (about an hour’s drive) and completed a 300 hour practicum with a glowing review at the end- my preceptor has also agreed to be my reference for job applications yay!

Since about mid-March, I’ve been chipping away at my second 300 hour practicum. So far I’ve completed 168 hours, so I’m a little bit over half way there, which I am really excited about. My last day at this practicum is May 8th. I’ve been working on job applications for my life post-academia and I do hope to get a job somewhere. It’s a little scary to think that I’m going to be “done” school for a bit. All I’ve done is school. From that year of preschool, all through kindergarten to grade 12, then I immediately went into an undergraduate program following high school (and did that for 5 years), and after graduation with a B.Sc in 2012, I went into the nursing program that I’m about to graduate from. All I’ve done is school. From age 4 to 25, that is what I know. School. Of course, in that time frame I did graduate a few times. But still, for the majority of my life, all I’ve done is school.

It’s weird to think about being ‘done’ school when in reality I’d like to finish off my nursing specialty certificate, maybe do a Masters one day, or become a Nurse Practitioner (once the role of an NP becomes better defined in British Columbia). But those are the one of these days dreams. I can definitely coax a future employer in funding my nursing specialty certificate, but it may be harder to get someone to bankroll my Masters degree.

Between now and May 8th, I’ll busy chipping away at the rest of my 300 hours, working on job applications (keep your fingers crossed that I get hired!) and studying to write the NCLEX.

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