Nose bleeds are appropriately named

Written on July 2, 2014 at 11:49 pm
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So I’m sitting in bed, in front of my laptop, and I would be asleep right now if not for the fact that there seems to be a fountain of blood coming from my nose. That’s probably a bit of a hyperbole because if it were a fountain, I probably would be asleep, or at least unconscious. But I’m awake (and typing! coherently!) so clearly a fountain is an overstatement. But I digress. Holding tissues to my nose in hopes that eventually it will stop bleeding is great. I’m currently typing with one hand – what a great time to decide to blog, eh?

Yesterday was Canada Day – Happy 147th to my favourite country in the whole wide world.

Life in the World of Michelle is going well. I’m still taking 3 online classes, one of them is ending soonish, which means that I really need to be studying for that (maybe in the morning?). High acuity is going very well. I’ve gotten 100% on all 3 of my papers for that class (two were group papers, one was all me). Super pleased with that. I’m secretly brilliant? Mastermind of essay writing? Is my instructor uber-lax on the marking scheme? All of the above? My other two classes are not going as well. I’m just not that found of reading a million journal articles every week, I’m not going to lie. A million is also a hyperbole, much like fountain was earlier. It’s more like 4-6 for one class and 5-7 for the other. It really sucks. Really, really, really sucks.

But lately for me, life has been okay. I worked for 5 weeks, earned some money. I’ve been doing some odd projects here and there, working on planning a convention for next summer (super stoked about that!). I started knitting a lot more lately, even though it’s been very hot out lately. Summer temperatures are here, what I wouldn’t give right now for those horrible stereotypes about how Canadians have snow year-round to be true, just for a few hours. I’m melting here, you guys. Melting1.

I got my clinical placement for the fall term. We had a choice of 13 different locations/types (choices between various cities/locations and between home health and public health). So I ranked them all – choose public health over home health, but location also placed a roll into it as well. And I got my number one choice. Of course, this means that I will be driving twice a week for my clinical placement because I picked one that I am a) unable to take public transit to and b) we are are not allowed to take public transit due to the possibility of having to travel between sites with patient files. Which means driving! In a city that I’m not that familiar with! But it’ll be okay, because I have Google Maps on my phone, and I got myself a car charger so my phone won’t die on me whilst trying to navigate myself around.

So, so, so excited for things coming soon! So excited. More on that later, after things have happened. Exciting things! Yarny things! And doll-related things!

And hey, my nose has stopped bleeding!

  1. Not literally.

Another completed term

Written on May 9, 2014 at 9:19 pm
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I wrote my last final of my fourth term of nursing school yesterday. It’s an amazing feeling to be another term closer to the goal – graduation, becoming licensed, becoming a registered nurse. It has been an incredibly difficult fourth term. The learning curve is steeper, the depth of knowledge I’ve needed to have is a lot more than ever before. Expectations on me have risen while my own standards for myself have gone up at a stellar rate. But I got through it,through a lot of hard work and possibly more than a few sleepless nights. When I was going over my final clinical evaluation with my instructor, she told me the following “You study too much, Michelle. You work too hard.” Because nursing school, despite what it seems to do, shouldn’t be the be all and end all of my social life. Even though it is, although I did manage to make some time for friends and the boyfriend throughout the term. I don’t want to be someone who barely scraps through nursing school, and I don’t think anyone would want a nurse who did that. So I hold myself at high standards that even my fellow over-achiever classmates think are impossibly high standards.

My spring/summer classes are forthcoming. One actually started the first week of April (my school doesn’t understand what the phrase “summer” class means) while the other two will be starting on Monday, the 12th. In the meantime, I’ve been taking my instructor’s advice and just taking a break, even if it is just for a little bit.

Life, in general, has been pretty good to me. I’m confident that I’ve been able to pass all of my classes, I working on my specialty nursing certificate right now (the class I started in April goes towards that), I finally read something for fun for the first time in what seems to be ages… and I’m in a good place right now. I’ve been knitting a lot, but being absolutely horrible ta keeping my crafts blog updated. I’ve been blogging a lot, but just not there, and I’ve just been keeping busy. The chronicles of Michelle took a backseat this term because, in all honesty, the journal of me just didn’t seem to be important over things like studying, or patient research, or attempting to get to bed by 9am before a clinical day (when I woke up at 4:30am).

My plans for the summer will of course include working on my three online classes. I’m also hoping to start volunteering again, do a lot of crafting, be a little bit more active with the blogging, and, of course, spend time with friends and family. I find as I get older, it’s harder to do that. Friends move away, they start working full time or part time with odd hours, they’re still in school. And then there’s me, who doesn’t feel like hanging out at night when I’d been up since 4:30am. Is this how my life is going to look when I graduate and I’m working shift work for real? Probably. But the thing is… I love nursing. I found out this term that I really enjoy complex wound care. That’s probably a rather disturbingly morbid thing to day, but I love wound irrigation and packing wounds. Possibly the most fun thing I did throughout the entire term. I will leave you with that thought… because I can.


Written on December 31, 2013 at 2:06 pm
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This year has been a bit of a roller coaster, both academically and emotionally. I’m actually really happy to see this year wrap up and just be done with.

Dino :)
But I will be sad when I’m done all my Kinder Surprise eggs of the season…

I finished two more terms of nursing school this year, I’m very excited to be that much closer to finished my BSN1 and having had the clinical experiences that I had. I was able to hold newborns for the first time ever, learn how to properly assess a newborn, how to feed them and the ease of changing a diaper on an infant compared to changing a disposable brief on an adult. But even before that (in my January-May term), I learned about giving injections! changing dressings! the importance of ambulation after a surgery! I fell in love with surgical nursing. Not be confused with operating room nursing – totally different things! Surgical = pre-op and post-op. I just loved it and I’m so excited that my rotation in January-May 2014 will be on a surgical ward again. I also cared for 3 patients in a single shift for the first time ever in my fall term. I also learned that I would not like to work on a mental health ward – it is particularly emotionally draining, plus I didn’t have the best mental health experience because I was on a geriatric psychiatry ward while other students were placed on acute adult psychiatry wards and were more likely to see things that we learned about.

Feeling more like a nurse with every passing term and that’s an amazing feeling.

I took unexpected, and somewhat brief, hiatuses from social media this year – primarily because I couldn’t deal with being cheerful on the internet and I’m typically glass-half-full (for the most part) and I knew it’d be easy for people to tell that something was up, so I just preemptively took myself out of the equation. During those breaks, I focused a lot on me and taking care of me and then I was back in about two weeks, each time. But because of things that had happened (and revealed, dun dun dunnnn), I’m no longer looking forward to Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, whichever one you ‘celebrate’) and I’m looking forward to my week-long break from school in March instead because breaks = awesome.

Because of my up-and-down year, I decided that I would change things up a bit in 2014. I saw it over on Pinterest (but forgot to pin, of course), this idea of having a jar for the year and every time something ‘good’ happens, to write it down and pop it into the jar, and then go through them on New Years Eve at the end of the year. So I’m going to be trying that out for 2014 (and I can finally put my date stamp to good use).

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also referred to as a B.ScN or BScN.
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