I’m still alive (and I have news!)

Written on October 18, 2015 at 2:45 pm
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I haven’t blogged in forever. What have I been up to since July??

I played tour guide for visiting relatives who were in Canada for all of one week that was book ended by trans-Pacific flights, I was one of the organizers for a doll convention in August (BlytheCon Vancouver), I applied for so many jobs1, I had an interview at the end of August (which I did very poorly on), I had a temporary office job for most of the month of September where my official title was “Sales Assistant”, I had another job interview on a late September Friday and was offered the job on the following Monday, I’ve been going through a lot of preparation for this job (it’s a casual RN position), I start orientation tomorrow and the earliest I will be getting any shifts will be November.

I am really excited about the job.

Oh, and I also started a new website/blog that’s all about tea because it’s my favourite thing! Please check it out if you like tea as well – onemoresteep.com

  1. I actually did a tally and I applied to 97 job postings!

Life right now

Written on July 7, 2015 at 11:02 pm
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Life post-NCLEX is interesting. I’m currently unemployed, but according to the CRNBC1 I am licensed as a registered nurse – so that’s something. I’ve put in many, many, many job applications. It does not help that I live in one of the top three most saturated areas when it comes to nursing jobs. Many of my classmates have taken to posting on Facebook when they’ve gotten jobs. Some got them straightaway and I could not be more jealous. Others have been going on extravagant adventures overseas and have gotten jobs. Even more jealous of them, because I have wanderlust right now and would love to go on a trip to Europe.

So there’s me. Unemployed, but an RN. I have a dwindling bank account, I have gone on a pretty strict budget where I spend very little (it helps that I live at home, still rent and board free). And I’ve spent time with the boyfriend, friends, and I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that I should actually embrace the state of unemployment as free time to do things besides mope around at home. And then I also remember that doing fun things does often also involve spending money, which I can’t afford to do. So stay-cation activities it is, but not everyone wants to do activities like that because being a miser is (according to my sisters) boring.

But… that’s my life right now. Struggling to find a job, very broke, and trying to find the bright side of things.

  1. College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia

I wrote the NCLEX…

Written on June 15, 2015 at 4:47 pm
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and I passed!!! Michelle RN sounds good, right?

Because this happened.

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