Dear The Moirae,

If I ever, ever, ever, ever become pregnant and I actually carry the spawn/offspring to term, please do not let it/him/her be like that obnoxious little kid I saw on the bus today. I do not particularly relish the thought of others seeing me with my child on the bus and then later going home […]

Post the symbolic hour.

That is what I do when I’m bored. Just take screenshots from sites (from, and, open up Photoshop and then put it all together. The problem with attempting to do Earth Hour is that my father kept on turning lights on. And leaving them on. And then walking away. Of course, this […]

Earth Hour plans

So the weather’s not that good today, so I probably won’t be spending the hour in the evening outside. However, I do have plans from 8-9 tonight! My laptop has a full battery, so does my portable dvd player (Stargate Atlantis <3) and my mp3 player and my cell phone. I plan to have lights […]