Conversations & Earrings

Here’s the conversation that I had today on the bus while I was going home and encountered this guy who sat down right next to me (he was wearing a sweatshirt from my school and carrying a textbook so he couldn’t have been that much older than I am). This took place a little bit […]

Confession to a love affair

When I get bored of studying biology and terms and pathways and making little Post-It flags for pages of my custom course material (that I’m allowed to bring into my final exam) and writing with my many different colours of Staedtler pens, I end up doing a photoshoot. Not of myself or anything, but of […]

003: I failed.

The only rule? List ten things that recently made you happy. I finished my English final and found it easy. I got approved for the Ian Devlin fanlisting (tv character) I saw Kelsey recently. I’ve eaten two to three meals every day this week. I’m getting new glasses on Saturday/Sunday . . . . . […]