I sent out mail today! I got letters out to J and Kristi and then I sent a ‘light international package’ out to Britt today. The post office woman was quite helpful. I had to fill out forms for Canadian customs and declare the worth of everything in the package. Of course, I kind of blinked and went “I’ve got a letter in there that’s on a few sheets of paper – how do I declare that?” So I just put down the paper as $0.10. Good fun, good fun.

I attended class (of course) and we had this great class-wide example that made use of the number of letters in our last names. And depending on how many letters our name had, it would determine how quickly we would die off in the event of a mass-extinction event (such as an ice age). Myself and my fellow classmates who had last names starting with the same amount of letters happened to be one of the few groups left over at the end, making up approximately 25% of the class so we ‘survived’ and our species would give rise to everything else on the planet (yay).

But other than fixing the commenting plugin (I had to downgrade from version 2.6 of WordPress to 2.5.2 or whatever), fixing another script on the site (yay) and reinstalling my printer and tablet drivers/programs, my day has been overall kind of boring. Oh, besides the fact that I survived an ice age (and I didn’t even get a tee-shirt to prove it!).

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  1. Ah you’re lucky you got to mail yours! I still have Rosie’s sitting literally right next to me right now. I haven’t had time to run to the post office and get it mailed out. Stupid work….

    BAHAHHAHA that’s awesome you “survived”. LOL shoot now I wanna know if I survived…hmmm…

    And lol at the script fixing 🙂

  2. LOL!! An ice age?

    Customs declaring sucks, I remember when I sent Lauren a poster from here (the US) to England, and I’m like, “Uhm….It’s….a poster? it’s not gunna explode I swear.” and the person helping me got a good laugh!

  3. Haha, I love little activities like that.. I want to see if I survive an Ice Age! Although seriously though, if there was ever an Ice Age, I think I’d one of the first to die off… 🙁 I hate the cold!

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