I’ve been eating cherries today (yum!) so here’s a teaser shot of what was left of my cherries (sorry for the blurry shot, my cell phone decided that it would temperamental today):

And in other news… I got my second midterm back, I didn’t do as well as I did the first time, but it was still fairly good and still above the class average (the class average was 80.8%, which is fairly high). So yay. I have exactly one more lecture and then the one final on Saturday and then I am done the course! It’s actually been a fairly good four weeks, I thought the course was going to be absolutely crazy intensive and I would be studying every waking moment of every single day. And while it hasn’t been crazy intensive, it has been pretty packed in with information. And I haven’t been studying every waking moment of every single day – how can I when I still manage to find time to break my site’s coding, upgrade/downgrade WordPress, blog and chat with people on via texts or msn?

I also had this crazy dream where I began/developed (whatever) a ‘community’ style blog where myself and a handful of people from a forum that I frequent started blogging. We’d all take like a day or whatever and each have general topics that we would cover. And then, in this dream, the blog ended up getting attention in the news and we ended up squabbling over who should sell who’s shares to whom as we all wanted the majority of the shares. Of course, my first thought when I woke up was ‘what the….?’. My second thought was ‘I should totally start a community blog’. Obviously I ignore blatantly obvious hints from my subconscious, that’s okay though.

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