My final exam was from 1-4 today. I was done writing at around 2:30 and I left at around 3. The only reason I stayed the extra half hour was because I didn’t want to be first one to leave the lecture theatre. So I just waited until someone else was making moves to leave and then I followed suit. So it went okay. It was fairly easy, as exams go. The entire last question (parts a to g) was basically an entire ‘gimme gimme’ question. It starts off with “What kind of random genetic variations occurred that makes you uniquely you?” and ends with “What is the most valuable or most interesting thing that you learned during this four week course?” And it was worth 17 of the 74 mark exam. So yeah that went pretty well. I chatted with my prof after the exam, basically told her that the exam was pretty fair, she thanked me for my input and then I left.

Overall, today was a pretty good day. I had pizza for lunch, I was called a tramp by a little boy who looked to be about 6 while I was on the bus and I overheard an off-duty (but still in uniform) police officer singing “Dancing Through Life” from Wicked: The Musical and I commented on his singing (it was really good). He said he didn’t come across very many people who knew what Wicked was and I told him that he had been singing at the wrong train stations.

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