I had K over today and then we went over to Shopper’s to go and buy hair dye. She was uncomfortable with bleaching my hair and I was uncomfortable with having my hair bleached, so we decided on the brightest red hair dye we could find in hopes that it would show up on my very dark (read: black) hair. K made sure that she got all the roots, she made sure she got all my hair. I got my hair covered in plastic wrap and got to feel how leftovers usually feel, getting covered with a thin layer of plastic – at least I don’t have to get microwaved! So the plastic wrap came off, my hair was rinsed and then conditioned (at least I think it was conditioner) with the tube of conditioner than came with the dye twice. Then my hair got blow dried and, well, K did an excellent job on my roots! The red took very well to my roots and if I move my hair to one side, I can see more red underneath. It’s rather bright, but if you look down at the ends or just the rest of my hair in general, there’s very little difference (depending on the lighting). With different lighting, it either seems like I’ve done nothing at all or like I have dark red streaks. However, if I look down at the ends of my hair on the right side, it just looks dark red in the lighting that I currently have. I had my hair washed like four times today in the space of maybe 1-2 hours, it’s kind of nice. My scalp is no longer very red, so I’m going to be using a headband tomorrow at work to avoid people asking about the rather bright red on top. But I did come up with a cover story with the help of K if people ask.

The cover story will be “I don’t want to talk about it… but if you do insist… There was an accident, at school, in the bio lab… With the chemicals and the oxygen tank and the frogs… Oh god, the frogs!” And then I get kind of sullen and depressed and mention how I’m mourning my lab instructor (and no, I’m not jinxing anyone’s death because I didn’t have a lab component with my bio course this summer). There’ll be something along the lines of little froggie screams and then… nothing. And just how much of a miracle it is that I’m still alive, I managed to get away chemically altered hair on just the top of my head and how I managed to get a ‘chemical reaction’ to the chemicals on my skin (and somehow avoided my face and just got around the hairline). Yeah… Work is going to be great tomorrow!

My mother thinks that it’s hilarious that I have only vibrant red on the top of my head. And she brought up, after K left, that everyone at work is much taller than me so they’ll probably notice the red when I walk away or turn my head. And I went ” Well, I’ll just have to walk behind people. And not turn my head, of course.” She laughed and said good luck to me on it tomorrow. My father, on the other hand, thinks that I’m crazy for even considering dyeing my hair to begin with, so he really didn’t have much to say beyond shaking his head at me for my crazy ideas. I heard him asking my mom if I was being a rebellious teenager. Luckily I’m not going to be a teenager for very much longer, so he won’t be able to use that term for very long. He thinks it’s going to start me on a road of debauchery. First it’ll be dyeing my hair, next will be piercings, after that is logically tattoos (tramp stamps ftw?). Although, if I have it my way, by the time I’m 20 I’ll have (visible…) dyed red hair (not this bright though!), ears pierced at least once and, well, I’m not really big on the tattoo thing. Something about ‘permanently inked skin’ doesn’t do it for me. Although, if I were to get a tattoo, would I really show my parents? Probably not. Perhaps a black phoenix somewhere? Hmmmm…

So I’m working on a plan for a community-style blog. I’m also looking for volunteer bloggers for it, I’m planning on having it focus mainly on technology and perhaps fashion (that’s how it was in my dream, after all). I’m also working on coming up with a name for it, and will be looking for a host and other things as well. I’m kind of excited, I do like group projects.

Anyways, I might have photos of my lovely black/red/reddish-brown hair soon. My cell phone doesn’t take decent shots so I’m waiting for my sister to come home to get some nice macro shots of the colour for you all to see. It’s actually a nice colour, just not… everywhere enough. And it’s back to work tomorrow. Which means I will get to see the Boy and everyone else. And I get to see Goose’s daughter because he’s bringing her in tomorrow to meet everyone! I am so excited, I get to meet Allie! Whooo, tomorrow’s going to be interesting indeed. I’m also going to be placed on a new project in the sales department tomorrow. It’ll be fun, the guys in Sales (all the people who work in the sales department are male, surprisingly) are really easy to get along with so it’ll be fun, I hope.


Photo time! I found the digital camera and took some pictures of my hair. And apparently, the dye did take to all of my hair, it’s just not noticeable unless I’m using the camera flash. So here’s my hair, starting at the top and going down the right side in a series of photographs. And look, it’s visibly red in each one! I held the camera at about the same distance for all the photos except for the first one, and used the flash on each one because the camera thinks that my computer room is too dark, go figure. So yeah, it’s visible in bright light, yay?

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  1. haha. I actually cut my hair again, and layered it XD. Nobody has noticed though but that’s nothing new haha. Maybe the red will show up in the sun?

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