The Boy is still at work, of course, since it isn’t even 9pm yet where I am in the world. So we’re texting and he asks me what I’m doing. At the time that this whole thing started, I was listening to blogging, chatting, listening to music and singing along. And then this happened. Seriously, it had me going ‘awww… -melts-‘. Not that I actually told him that. I just say ‘thank you’ or something equally as polite and Michelle-esque like that.

C: So what are you doing?
M: Listening to music, blogging, chatting, singing along.
C: Bet you sound nice.
M: This coming from the guy who’s never heard me sing before.
C: I bet you sound like an angel.
M: Have you ever met an angel?
C: Well I met you…

Now he’s suggesting that he should call me just to hear me sing and I laugh, telling him that I’d probably end up just stop singing as soon as my cell phone rang, which is true. (For those curious, I was singing along to Ultraviolet by Alexz Johnson [Your love’s like ultraviolet, I can feel it burn but I like it]). So the charmer’s suggesting that I borrow my parents’ car just to go back to work and ‘help him’ put in some molds. Which is complete bullshit since I know for a fact that he’d just get distracted if I’m around, like he normally is. But that’s okay, I mean, I hate driving so the chances of me driving to work when I don’t have to be there is slim to none. Plus he’s complaining about the heat, so what are the chances (honestly now) of me leaving my nice, cool basement to go back into a sauna-like building? Slim to none. I mentioned the heat and such to him, he just promised to buy me more ice cream and set me up in front of a fan. And I texted back going “That wasn’t the point…”

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  1. Aww, that’s so sweet! Us girls love such comments.. I know I’m definitely a hopeless romantic. 8D
    Haven’t heard the song but will give it a download =)

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