C: Tease.
[I look up, confused]
M: Pardon?
C: Tease.
M: … What did I do now?
C: “I’m sorry”.
M: … Okay, you’re either going to have to explain it to me or just let me get back to work.
[He holds out his cell phone and shows me a text message that I sent to him yesterday]
M: Oh… Right… That.
C: Exactly. Tease.
M: I said I was sorry…
C: You’re sorry, but you’re still a tease.
M: I’m working here.
[Clipboard is taken off of the desk and held up above his head – which is unfair considering I’m 5’1″ and he’s 6’3″, and he was holding it up above his head]
C: Not anymore, you aren’t.
M: Fine. I’ll just explain to H why I’m suddenly missing four days worth of notes and I’ll be very sure to tell him who took them
C: Are you going to tell him why I took them away from you?
M: Yeah, I’ll say that you were just being an ass as usual.
C: Oh, but you like my ass.
M: Shut up and give me back my clipboard.
[Clipboard is placed back onto the desk]
C: You’re welcome.
M: I never said thank you.
C: Oh, you were going to say it. You’re too polite not to.
M: Shut up.
C: That wasn’t very polite, Michelle.
M: Fine. Hush, damn you.
C: Much better.
M: Shut up.

Other things that happened today that involved the Boy was when he went out to go to the store (it’s literally across the parking lot), he asked me if I wanted anything. My usual stock answer is either ‘nothing, I’m fine’ or ‘Skittles, please’. He came back with a package of Skittles for me (yay) and an ice cream sandwich (yum). So it was just me and him in the office today, sitting around and talking for my last hour of work. There was a bit of cuddling, a bit of listening to music on his ipod, a bit of me insulting his musical tastes (but he’s used to it by now). He also attempted to teach me how to drive a forklift for about five minutes until he realized that I was absolutely hopeless at it (“Michelle, that’s to go backward, not forward!”). All in all it was an interesting day. I attempted to do work while he was attempting to distract me. He won out in the last half hour. I managed to resist for the first half when I was still able to concentrate on my work.

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