He’s been getting sullen lately, just easily upset and, in general, pouty. Mostly because he knows that it’s my last week and he thinks that I’m going to be too busy for him once I start school.

C: But you’re not going to have time for me anymore.
M: Who said that?
C: I just did.
M: I could make time for you.
C: Really?
M: Yeah, on one condition.
C: What’s that?
M: You have to make time for me too.

I’ve noticed lately, that whenever he’s around me, he’ll always be touching me somehow. Even if there’s people in the room. Just standing right next to me, his hand on my shoulder or back. Even if it’s just for a brief moment because someone’s walking into the room, there’s always something. And it’s comforting, I find, and I like it.

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