I have two more work days and four more projects to contend with. I got three signed off on today by a manager (who finally came back from vacation after a week and a half). I’m hoping to get two more signed off tomorrow. The other two are manuals. One is in a final-draft stage after working my tail off for the last two weeks and the other is a new manual that I got assigned at around the same time as the other one. That one has everything in order. I just need to compile it all together. In approximately fourteen work hours, give or take a few.

And speaking of only having two more days left at work… My supervisor has announced today that on my last day (read: FRIDAY) we’re going to be going out for lunch! It’ll most likely to be himself, J, my mom and myself. We’ll likely be all piling into one car and going to White Spot again. He was suggesting this pub that’s just down the street from work, but they don’t let minors in. And (unfortunately), I’m about two months away from my 19th birthday so we have to go somewhere that’s a bit more family-friendly.

I got picked up at work today (literally picked up, as in in the air, feet no longer touching the ground). It had been a while since that happened and I screamed. Like high pitched, freaking out screaming. Turned out that it was D, who wanted to get a reaction out of me (guess he got one?). He complained later that he lost hearing because of me. My reply was “Nah, in order to be able to hear, you have to actually have something between those ears.” He thought it was hilarious, even if it was an insult towards him. He tried throwing me into the water tank. Again. It has five feet high walls, it’s about seven feet across (it’s a cylinder) and it has about three and a half feet of water in it at all times. It’s supposed to be dumped out soon since we’re no longer using it at work. D thought it would be his last chance to throw me into the water tank.

I know deep down inside, they’re all going to miss me though. They just haven’t realized it yet. It’ll probably hit them a month later and they’ll be standing around, scratching their heads going “Whatever happened to what’s-her-name?”.

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  1. Awww yeah, theylll defintiely miss you. Poor Michelle 🙁 almost got tossed in the water. Yay for the projects being signed off though! I bet you can do it. Supa Michelle.

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