September marks the beginning of a new school year, a new term, new clothes, new school supplies and a lot of other new things. But most importantly, September marks the beginning of new seasons of television shows. While I’m absolutely horrible at keeping track of television shows beyond Grey’s Anatomy and General Hospital once the school year has begun, I am looking forward to at least watch the season premieres of some of my favourite shows. There aren’t a lot of television shows that I keep track of anymore (like when days they’re on, or even what times), mostly because I eventually forget or I end up catching up on shows on the internet (the best part is the fact that there are no commericals, the downside is the fact that the screen to watch it is on tiny).

But two shows that I will be watching the season premieres tonight are Gossip Girl (season 2) and One Tree Hill (season 6). I still haven’t finished watching season 5 of OTH, but oh well? It’s on tv and I may as well be watching something while I pull out my crochet hooks and yarn. I found a lot of new (and free) crochet patterns online over the last few days and I plan on making the most of all of them. I’m wanting to make a little pig, I do have pink yarn. I think it’d be cute. Then I’ll try to make a pair of little white wings and stitch them onto the sides so it can be flying pig (when pigs fly…).

I was determined to start off the month on a good note, and I’m really trying here, to be happy. I guess I’ll have to see how well I’ve started off the month in a day or two. But on the bright side, I’ve found buyers for my chem textbooks and for one of my biology books. I’m struggling to unload my newest (and most expensive) biology book onto something (no one wants to buy it, damn it).

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  1. I’m sorry but you know me and my bitchyness. Your “when pigs fly” reminded me that.. you’ll go on a date…. haha. I’m bad, so so bad.

    But the piggy sounds cute!!

    And the baked goods (from other blog, obviously) mm yummy! So many projects ontop of school.. my, Michelle.. you’re a busy little lady!

    Atleast it’s just one book that you’re trying to get rid of and alot of people wait until classs starts to buy em.

  2. It is good that you are trying to start off on a positive note. Sometimes class can be overwhelming. I am just starting myself for my new BA degree (online courses), on top of trying to look for a new job using my recent graduation for my professional degree in web design. It is not easy, but I am hoping for at least something that makes more than 40K a year.

    I do not have cable, but when I go to my friend’s house, I mooch off and watch CSI re-runs like a crack addict…lol. Usually I am too busy to watch television and settle for catching the news while online.

    Cute crochet idea. At least you did not say “anal dwelling butt monkey”… sorry… I was having a flashback of Bruce Almighty. lol 😉

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