Me, myself and I.

I wasn’t late to chemistry this morning (yay). I actually got there a whole three minutes before my prof started talking – I really need to stop waking up and checking the time and seeing that my regular bus had just been missed. Makes me really want to just stay in bed for the rest […]

I cannot write on just one topic (today)

The ways today did not just work out well for me: I slept in and woke up about a minute before my regular bus arrives. I skipped breakfast and lunch. I ate when I got home (at 3pm, I woke up a little bit after 6am). It didn’t just rain, it poured and I didn’t […]

I can has good mark?

I generally try to eat remotely healthy. I do try. Or sometimes, I just lapse and don’t eat a thing, at which point, if someone notices that I haven’t been eating breakfast or lunch, they’ll start asking me about my weight and if I’ve been losing a lot of weight lately (because, you know, I […]