So today was my first day back. I went to school early and went to the bookstore where I waited for 15 minutes just to get into the bookstore. Then I picked up my textbooks for psychology and family studies. I was a little conflicted over my biology texts that I need since the booklist listed like 2-3 books and I forgot which title was the one required (they all had similar titles). Plus, they were each very pricey and I didn’t want to buy the incorrect one. Besides, my first biology lecture for that class is on Thursday, so I can always get it after class. I spent $240 on textbooks and one package of custom course material (for my 9am English Lit course).

My family studies course went pretty well today. It was only an hour long (it’s normally one and a half hours) and the prof introduced herself and went over the course outline pretty well. None of the exams are accumulative (thank goodness). There are two midterms (40% each) and one final (20%). And 70% of the questions are based solely on the textbook while 30% is on the lecture notes. So… Yeah, I suppose that’s one class I won’t be skipping then! (Not that I would anyways…)

I did manage to pick up some free things while I was on campus today. I got two day planners (I think they look nicer than last year’s), a frisbee, a yoyo, some buttons, a whistle, a few keychains and handful of stickers and candy. I like being a student, hehe. I also believe I got two highlighters and a pen. Seriously, being a student is great during the first week: there’s so much free stuff. Unfortunately, no free mini staplers again this year from Staples. Oh well, I already have one.

And for those that care, I have two new transit stories over at A Letter to a Stranger.

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  1. Ahh yes, The first week at UCA was jam packed with free goodies! The bookstore had a student grab bag which had coupons, gum, stickers, condoms, deodrant, body wash. UCA gave out planners, cups, magnets, pens.. good stuff.

    Hopefully the bio books work out to your favor and you only need one… hopefully.

  2. That’s one thing I won’t ever get.. the major difference when your school year and our school year starts. You guys start at September and we start June 😛 Haha!

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