I survived!

My final for Family Studies (FMST) went well. It’s worth 20% of my final grade (the two midterms were worth 40% each – it’s not cumulative). And I did some math before going into the exam and if I completely bomb up (i.e. get 0% on it), I’ll still pass the course! Yeah! But it […]

Three cheers for being done midterms (for good this time!)

So… Guess who rocked her family studies midterm…? [And yes, the answer better be my name!] So it went well, obviously. Luckily I did all the questions or else I probably would have failed the multiple choice component (which happens to be 70% of the midterm grade). Oy. Anyways, yeah, kicked ass except for that […]

The week’s almost over… right?

The way the American election works rather confuses me. Seriously, they vote for everything at the same time it seems. The President, the Governors, the Senate, assorted acts and laws and whatnot. And for those rejoicing over Obama’s win over McCain, you’re all forgetting something. Obama had 52,658,842 votes. McCain? 48,653,717. Sure, that seems like […]