So I had my first biology lecture today for my Human Biology (anatomy and physiology) class. It went fairly well. Well, it did until my professor mentioned that tutorials were starting next week. Me: What? Tutorials? WTF? I never signed up for any tutorial!

So, fast forward past the 30 minutes it took me to get to the cash register to buy my bio books, the time it took me to get home, eat dinner and watch General Hospital and then there’s me there on the computer, checking out the school’s course calendar. For the class, it told me to register a lecture and a laboratory section. It does not tell me that a tutorial section is required. Then I look at the bottom of the screen. At the very bottom, after a list of lab times. Tutorials. Oh. Fuck. The only time slot still open that I can actually attend (if I absolutely have to) is at 5pm on Fridays. My last lecture on Friday is my other biology course and it ends at 2pm. So if I do have to attend tutorials. I’d be there for three hours. On a Friday. Who wants to guess who’d be skipping that an awful lot? Because I can tell you exactly who, right now. Consider the professor put up the mark break down. 60% is for my 2 midterms and 2 finals (one of each for each term) and 40% is for the lab. There’s no mention of quizzes or anything that would take place in a tutorial setting. So I’m hoping it’s not mandatory. And besides, none of the tutorials are full yet and they don’t even have enough seats for everyone that’s registered in the class. So… Here’s hoping it’s not mandatory!

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