So I hope everyone’s day went well! I attended my biology lecture after sending out like a million (well, now that I’ve checked my outbox, I actually sent 3 emails today) and finishing up msn chats and whatnot. The lecture was okay… I mean, my professor is actually fairly young and she’s really interested in the topic and she’s really engaging – it’s just that if I wake up at 6am and the class is from 1pm-2pm, I’m just too tired by then to be able to focus properly on the lesson material. That being said, she also uploaded the notes for today’s lecture at 10:30pm last night. 10:30. PM. Last. Night. Was I awake at 10:30pm? Yes, yes I was. Did I have my laptop on at that time? No, no I didn’t. Did I turn on my computer sometime while I was at home this morning and print out the notes? Erm… That’s a ‘no’ for having my laptop on. So I didn’t have the notes printed out, but then at 44 slides per lecture, that’s about 5 pages or so (4 slides per page, double sided) at 15 pages per week at 60 pages were month at 180 sheets of paper (give or take) for the semester. Really, who does that to their students? Oh wait, I know! Dr. O, who doesn’t realize that people need sleep in order to function.

But other than that… My day went fairly well. There was a little drama on transit again so I’ll have to blog about that over at ALtoS. As far as I know, the boy hasn’t canceled on me yet -crosses fingers- so I’m hoping the plans do go through this time. We’ve got dinner plans and just general spending-time-together planned for Sunday afternoon and evening, so I’m really quite excited about that. Plus I haven’t seen him since last Friday so it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to see him at all. Well, unless you count over the webcam (which, depending on my mood, I will count it occasionally – but not this week). But yeah, I’m just really excited for Sunday and I’m going to get all my reading and other random school things done tomorrow in order to have quality time to spend with him on the other half of the weekend. Wheee, so excited.

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