This morning, from 9am to 12pm, I’m supposed to be attending a human anatomy and physiology lab. Please note the time stamp on this entry. Gasp, is Michelle skipping? Did the building blow up? Is she blogging during her first lab? No, no, no, don’t be silly! I’m not skipping, nothing blew up and I’m not even in the same building as my biology lab. It was an introductory lab (read: we got lectured at and show illustrations of major organ systems). Therefore, it went from 9am to 9:50am. That means (for those who can do math), I got out 2 hours and 10 minutes early. Furthermore, my next class (family studies) is at 1:00pm. That means that I had (when I got out of my bio lab) a little over 3 hours to kill prior to the start of my next lecture. So all this just means that I am very thankful that I brough my laptop along, or else I’d be incredibly bored and probably napping on this bench right now instead of typing.

I hope everyone else’s Tuesday doesn’t involve a three hour break when there is absolutely nothing to do on campus. (Well, there are things to do, I just don’t feel like being social and going to do them.) You will all be happy to know that I was social during those fifty minutes of my biology lab and I made aqquaintences/friends! I know, I know – impressive? Quite possibly just a little bit if you knew how anti-social/quiet/shy that I am. Anyways, my lab partner is Samantha. And the other person I met was Mike, who’s totally into the concept of ‘I am going to save the world, rah rah rah’. He’s just incredibly chatty and friendly and just very… honest. At least that’s the impression that I’ve gotten of him so far.

But other than not attending all three hours of my biology lab, I’m just sitting outside of my FMST lecture hall (several hours early, but they have very comfy seats and tables, so it’s all good). I took about 20 minutes typing out an email to Clay. I sent him one yesterday as well. It seems to be a theme, but yesterday’s had the subject title “Michelle is bored – the Monday September 8 edition” and today’s was called “Michelle is bored – the Tuesday September 9 edition”. And I basically recap whatever’s happened up to that point for him, so I don’t end up sending him 27 texts in a row when he asks all about my day at around 3pm like he normally does. So it’s a) easier on my thumbs and b) I end up remembering more if I send it to him in an email rather than in a million texts while I’m either waiting for a lecture to begin or sitting on the bus. Sitting on the bus does not inspire me to remember all the little tidbits about my day.

@ Rachael – Yes there was a good night kiss. (Erm… Kiss? Kisses…? Kiss x271681721?) I lost track of how many times we said goodnight before I finally got out of the car. Tsk tsk to myself.

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  1. I’m glad you made some new friends and thank god you brought the laptop other wise it’d be boredom galore!

    Glad your date went well, btw!

    P.S Resistant Materials is like metals, wood, plastics etc. You make jewellery, cupboards etc. That sorta thing. Haha.

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