Today I reviewed/did notes/read for psychology (most of my early afternoon) and reviewed/did notes/read for my human biology (anatomy & physiology!) class for most of my late afternoon/early evening. Was I productive today? Well… Considering the fact that I’m currently “typing” with only my left hand because I have a cramp in my right hand, I was pretty damn productive. Tomorrow, I plan to ensure that I’m up-to-date on English lit, psychology and biology after my lectures and to do my family studies assignment plus doing my bonus biology lab assignments. I don’t know if I’m being just really ambitious or I’m hoping that there’ll be suddenly 12614 hours in one day. I also don’t think I’ve had contact with the ‘outside world’ today at all… -checks msn logs and cell phone- Nope, haven’t had contact with the outside world today. But, umm, I was productive? Yay? Tomorrow’s going to be totally awesome – lecture notes, assignments, lab prep. Oh, it’s practically orgasmic sounding. </ends sarcasm>

Hope you all either had an equally productive day or at least had a social day this Sunday!

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  1. sounds like we have taken alot of the same classes. I just took anatomy & physiology last semester… took it in the evening from like 5-9 but we always got out early. my teacher was really nice and we didnt have to disect anything. I also took biology a few years back. (can’t believe you are taking both of those at the same time!) I loved psychology and english. I actually majored with english & elementary education.
    sorry I link exchanged you and ran. I was gone wed. and got a dog thursday so i’ve been trying to adjust my cat to him..:)

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