I had this conversation with my mom before dinner tonight. (M for me, H for her):

M: So did anyone ask about me at work today? [I’m kind of a self-centred thing, I ask that fairly regularly and usually someone does ask about me, so it’s not like they’re discouraging me from asking!]
H: Actually, yes, someone did.
M: Really, who was it this time?
H: Clay asked how you were doing.
M: And what did you say?
H: I said you were doing well.

What she failed to mention to him was the fact that I am:

  1. Drowning myself in schoolwork because I honestly have nothing else better to do,
  2. Feeling ridiculously lonely because I a) miss my friends and b) miss him,
  3. Almost flat out broke (well, I will be until October) and
  4. Really, really, really missing him.

But then again, I can’t really expect my mom to be a mind-reader, so I suppose saying that I’m “doing well” is good enough until I get to talk to him tonight.

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