So I made a list today for Kristi so she knows what I have learned in the last twenty-four hours from her:

  1. It will hurt.
  2. I will be ripped in half.
  3. There will be blood the first time.
  4. It will hurt.
  5. I will leak. Everywhere.
  6. Everything will be super messy.
  7. I should use the restroom prior to getting oral.
  8. Nothing fits together. NOTHING.
  9. Leaking? WTF?!?!?!
  10. I shall remain virgin for the rest of my life, or for at least the next month.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having a marvelous Wednesday evening. I attended my three classes today (English lit, psychology & biology). I had a fairly good day. I found out from my mp3 player that I’ve listened to “Miss California” by Jack’s Mannequin exactly 72 times. See, this is what happens when I listen to a song on repeat and then sleep through most of it while I’m on the bus.

And Kristi, if I get asked why I’m not giving the boyfriend sex, I’m going to direct him straight to you.

OH! I also have plans, lots and lots of plans. Renewing, a domain for my rpg, another domain and then there’s super secret sunset surgery project with Kristi that we finally decided on a name for. Whoo. Just need to be patient, of course.

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  1. Is that all you learned? LOL and if you’re worried about having kids (probably not 😛 ) immaculate conception is always an option… assuming you’re chosen by some divine power, of course 😛

  2. It all sounds like a scary experience. Anything with blood scares me. But though I’ve heard stories about bleeding the first time (it’s apparently normal), it STILL scares me.

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