But in my defense, I did need some of the things that I got today. Plus, I was shopping with my sister and my dad told her to put everything I wanted on the credit card that is linked to his account. So, in reality, I wasn’t that bad. I mean, really, my parents are paying for it. Still, I managed to get almost everything on sale. So I mean, I do fairly decent in terms of getting things that were on sale (which was, umm, almost everything?). Other things that I bought today while out with the family was a giant box of Nature Valley granola bars (64 bars, 4 different flavours, $13) and sandwich fixings (non-Maple Leaf sliced meat, tomatoes, lettuce). Nomnom, food!

Now I’m going to go back to doing my biology assignment because I don’t feel like doing it tomorrow.

Not shown is a pair of scrapbooks (12″x12″ standard pages) that was in a package for $7

From the childrens’ clothing section: “Little Miss Chatterbox”, long sleeve tee – $10 (marked down from $15). There was also a Little Miss Sunshine shirt that I wanted to get, however they only had it in extra small and small, and since it was a childrens clothing, I can’t exactly fit into XS or S. As it was, this was marked as a large for childrens, size 14.

From the childrens’ clothing section: Care Bears (Grumpy) 3/4 sleeve tee – $10 (marked down from $15)

From the adults’ section: ‘Think Pink’ (Breast Cancer Foundation) long sleeve jacket (the parts that appear white are actually pink) – $13 (marked down from $20)

The unmentionables! The first two were marked at $17, but the cashier wasn’t paying attention and one was $17 and the other was $8. The green one (it matches my bedroom walls, I am not kidding) was marked at $10 but the cashier inputted the price at $8.

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  1. You did a great job there getting everyting on sale! I love to go shopping during sales times haha, everything’s so cheap! 😀
    I LOVE that “Little Miss Chatterbox” shirt by the way!

  2. Theres always a good reason for shopping, i love the word SALE, my parents hate it because they know i spend a fortune on clothes lol. So good on ya chick for spending money in a sale its what us girls do best! 🙂


    Sounds like a relatively good day! You didnt have to spend the money, so that’s good! Yay for monies. I actually lost some on PPP. Something didnt show up so I went to resubmit and accidently deleted…there went 10.00 -_- it was easy writing though.

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