So my 9:30-12:30 lab? I got out at 11am. ELEVEN AM. I walked around a bit (it wasn’t raining – yay) and was debating on if I wanted to get anything to eat. I broke down. I walked to the McDonalds on campus (about 5 minutes walk from everything else that’s fairly important on campus) and got a double cheeseburger ($1.39 before tax, $1.46 with tax). And while I’m (potentially?) the last person to advocate eating fast food because there’s just so much oil and fat and how it’s unhealthy and such… For just under $1.50, it was pretty damn good for my stomach! It was a little on the small size, but still worth it since it’s about the same size (except, of course, has two burger patties inside) as the A&W ‘mama’ burger (they were having a promotion, 2 for $4). So luckily, I’m no longer a freshman and therefore shouldn’t have to worry too much about the whole ‘freshman 15’ thing. Then again, with the way things have been going lately – I’ve been going for a run once every single day. Every single day.  At least so far this week. It’s absurd. I hate exercise, but I’ve been running every day (and not because I’ve been consuming fast food on a regular basis either).  Plus, my buying food has a lot to do with me forgetting to bring my lunch (it’s always right by where my backpack was or right in the fridge near the milk I got out for my morning cereal – good job Michelle, right?).

What kind of fastfood do you like to eat? (And although it technically counts, Subway’s too healthy for the regular definition of ‘fast food’.)

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  1. Fast food I eat. Sometimes A &W, Tim Hortons the most damn timbits, and bagels with cream cheese. Sometimes McDonalds (like 6 times a year lol). But mostly pizza, indian and greek food (delivery).

    I’m out of shape but if I exercise I’ll lose more weight…and that’s not good

  2. McDonalds cheesburgers are the ONLY cheeseburgers Ill eat.

    I really dig fast food in general. My favorite burger is a toss up between Burger King and Sonic (is Sonic fast food?). I also like Taco Bell’s pizzas.

    I like A&W but we dont have one ANYWHERE around.

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