Season 2 of The Tudors premieres in 30 minutes! My sister doesn’t know why I like it, she likens it to pornography. But I just find it artistic and the costuming is lovely. And besides, I’ve always liked history and reading about royal families (and the scandals that were always present) was a great past time when I was younger.

And it’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers. As king. Being all demanding and glowering. Wanting things and doing whatever it takes to get what he wants. -fans self- Oh boy. Hey, he can order me around any day of the week.

Other awesome season premieres tomorrow include Pushing Daisies and Private Practice. I’ve already cut down my regular tv watching (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, all the CSI, Law and Order: SVU are all being put on hold until after April 2009). Right now the only things I plan on watching regularly is my daily dose of General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, The Tudors and potentially Private Practice (if not, I’ll be keeping it on PVR). But that’s about it. And maybe Heroes, I haven’t decided yet though.

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  1. I wanted to see Pushing Daisies and the Tudors! They both look really good. I’m still at gm’s.. issue with the painter -_- I’ll explain later.

    When I visited John in Canada.. I couldn’t get over black squirrels.. so, so vey cool. I had never seen one until then. If I was being tocked by a ravenous squirrel, I wouldn’t cuddle either. If your squirrels were like mine.. you’d cuddle1

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