Today was spent… typing up all notes for my family studies course, finished doing all assignments for FMST. Finished doing biology notes (well, one of two biology courses). Slept in. Watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance – Canada (total guilty pleasure). I’m actually using iTunes… I think my morals dipped a bit when I started using it. I’m using it to download podcasts. Once I realized that it was much handier than any other podcast directory, I started to use it. And now I have… 12 hours worth of podcasts to listen to. That’s almost the length of a cross-Pacific Ocean flight. So I’m happy that I’ll have something witty to listen to on my daily transit trips this week – and hopefully next weekend I can get a bit more just to so I have new material to listen to.

And I’m making you all come up with ideas for my birthday party next month for me. So… Birthday-related questions!

1. What kind of party games do you like? (With and without alcohol.)
2. What’s one exciting thing that you legally did on the first birthday you could legally do it?

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  1. love the layout by the way. Very calming 🙂
    One of my newest most fav. game is called Apples to Apples. Good times with that one. I also enjoy monopoly, scattergories and cranium!! I’m pretty stoked that I get to vote this year, so that experience should be pretty interesting lol.

  2. That’s quite a lot of podcasts you have to listen to. That reminds me to do the same because I never have anything to listen to on my way to school.

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