Yum. That’s today’s breakfast/brunch/lunch – croissants! I went to the bakery yesterday and bought a few (3). And since I was running a bit late today… I just snagged the bag this morning and tossed it into my backpack. Easy lunch making today, haha. So right now I’m sitting at a table with my family studies material spread out in front of me. My exam is in a little under two hours (at 1pm) and it’s currently… 11:06am. Yay? I got out of my bio lab early again (10:20am) so I’m eating the buttery, flakey French pastry while I’m reading over my notes on the substages of stage one of Piaget’s cognitive theory. Whoo… I’m so exciting that I can barely contain myself. Really, no joke. But since I shall be getting back to studying very soon, this is all I really have to say this morning.

I get buttery, flakely French pastries and (I’m assuming) you don’t. 🙂

Hope everyone is having an excellent Tuesday October 7th. I know I only sort of am!

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  1. Yumyum! Happy studying! I love the new layout 🙂 I hope things are well. You post blogs so often that I have to read through the other ones too when I drop by. x) =3

  2. *looks around* howlong have i been gone? you changed themes! I like it!
    i’ve now clsoed in on not having the cold as bad but now i’ve had a stomach bug lol.
    anyways i should be around more now!! 🙂

  3. Hehe you’re very cute when you say ‘I…..want to know the new name’. ^^ it’s heartdrops.org, and people are gonna see this, even if I say don’t tell anyone, which is why I laugh. But yes, I’ve revealed it to you because you’re special =)

    The link doesn’t work, obviously. But the name is MIIINE! IT’S MIIIINE!

    And yes, I was definitely going to keep you! 🙂
    There’s some (grrrr) affiliates who don’t keep in touch. At all. O_O

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