So, I haven’t spoken to G too much ever since he left the place where I work/got fired/was laid off/whatever. But we still do talk and so this morning I got a phone call at 8am (which woke me up, I will admit – I probably sounded completely groggy).

M: [mumbles]
G: Hello?
M: … Who is this?
G: G!
M: Oh… hey… what time is it?
G: Eight-something.
M: Okay… What’s up?
G: Well, I was checking my calendar and it’s your birthday so I thought I’d give you a call and wish you a happy birthday. So… Happy birthday!! [last bit was exclaimed, loudly]
M: [is a bit more awake now] Umm, it’s not my birthday.
G: Yes, it is. My calendar says ‘Michelle’s birthday’.
M: And how many Michelle’s do you know?
G: [long pause] More than one…
M: My birthday’s next month.
G: Oh.
M: [gives him correct date]
G: Right… [sounds like he’s writing] So how have you been?
M: Well, I was sleeping, but now I’m awake.
G: Don’t you have school or whatever today?
M: It’s a holiday, G. Get with the program.
G: Right… So that’s why the wife’s not at work…
M: Yeah, most likely.
G: So how are you and C doing?
M: [short pause] How much time do you have?

[The conversation is transcribed from as much as I could possibly remember, about six hours later. So there may be some errors, but I do remember it was around 8am, he did think it was my birthday, he did mistake me for another Michelle and asked me about school and the boyfriend. So it should be very close to correct as I can possibly get it.]

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