So… As you can see from my Twitter feed over on the side (or not, depending on when you’re reading this), Clay offered to drive out to see me last night. He didn’t realize it was 11pm when he suggested this (and I reminded him that it was no longer a long weekend and we had responsibilities… Like lectures. And work.) But it was a nice thought to have. Obviously no other nights this week work either, so he’s going to see about getting out of work on Saturday to come out and see me. Hopefully he can, fingers crossed! He’s started playing WoW (he asked if I was disappointed in him for it, I said that I was) so last night this conversation occurred before I logged off.

C: So… I’m going to go play a game.
M: Which one?
C: WoW. Most likely.
M: WoW > Michelle?
C: Of course not.
M: Uh huh.
C: But Michelle needs to go sleep because she has school tomorrow.
M: I suppose I should.
C: Good night…?
M: Good night.

I finally (finally, finally, finally, finally, finally) have cPanel access again (it’s a somewhat short story as to why I didn’t have access to it, I just don’t feel like retelling it). So I promptly downloaded mysql backups of both Enthuiast (the most important since I haven’t backed that up since August!) and WordPress (also important, but then I do weekly backups non-mysql WordPress files – so I’m not about to lose over 400 entries anytime soon, thank goodness). So after doing the backups, I shot an email off to the hosting company in hopes that I’ll be able to transfer soon (I’m currently being hosted as an add-on domain on a friend’s shared hosting package, I’m wanting to get my own since I want more manuverability in terms of adding another domain onto it as well as having more control – because I am that much of a control freak, thanks).

I have three midterms this week (Wednesday: English lit, Friday: psychology and biology) so if I don’t blog like 7 times a day, that’s why. Three cheers for writing exams on things that I actually have somewhat of an interest in!! (Well, I only really have an interest in English lit, since that’s a purely elective course for me, and biology, which is not a purely elective course. But that’s okay. Intro psychology does have its uses… Like the fact that it’s 6 credits and has no lab.)

And if you’re a Canadian citizen and you’re currently in Canada (and even if you’re not, you can vote by special ballot)… Go and vote. Now. Go, go, go, go, go. I’ll be watching the special tonight on CBC about the elections. Here’s to all the political party leaders at least winning the seat in their own riding (and good luck to Elizabeth May in her attempt to take the very popular Peter McKay’s seat in Nova Scotia. Because she’s going to need it.).

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  1. I almost forgot today was voting day… until i heard it on the radio this morning… still haven’t voted yet though… I willl…. soon….

  2. Wow 400 entries! =O as an add-on domain.. wow. Not so much freedom huh? I was so amazed when I got my own domain that I HAD MY OWN CPANEL. It was crazy. But it’s freaking awesome.

    Good luck in the exams =3

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