My biology notebook, the one chock full of notes for my midterm on Friday?

I may have spilled tea on it.

But that’s okay, because it’s almost completely dry now (and I’ve been studying psychology instead while waiting for my notes to stop being soaking wet). The pages haven’t dried stuck together and… it’s not really all that tinted brown. However, my notebook now smells really good. This is so not good for studying. But now I want to study biology even more, due to the fact that my notebook smells awesome.

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  1. just wait a few days on that notebook of yours.. i guarantee that it will smell RANK.

    Trust me.. I tried this whole technique with mandarin oranges..long story.. and it was just not a good scene.

  2. At least it seems like it survived. At least it seems good. Don’t worry the tea won’t go bad. I’m paint with tea, and hot chocolate before, and it doesn’t start smelling funny or anything XD

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