I just sent through my order with Surpass Hosting, so once they get my account set up, I’ll be moving everything over. Once all the files and databases work over there and everything’s kosher, I’ll be pointing the domain name at the other place so… There will likely be a little bit of downtime, but probably not too much. Just a heads up so you don’t think I just died. Or something. You can stop clapping now, I said I wasn’t dying.

I had some issues with my father today. He dropped me off at Michaels and said he’d be back in half an hour after going to the bank. After going through the store twice, I checked my cell phone and an hour and a half had passed. So I wandered over to the bank and he was still talking to the damn woman about mutual funds. She was all like “Aww, is this your daughter?” and then she offered me a lollipop from the bowl on her desk. Was I amused? Hell no. I wanted to call her a patronizing bitch, but I figured that’d be rather rude. We went out for lunch then went to another bank (I went shopping – went to the bakery and bought pastries).

I had a date with the dentist this morning and it wasn’t pleasant. They gave me a newbie dental hygienist. That part wasn’t the big deal. It was the part where he had to adjust the seat that I was sitting on about ten times before he actually started cleaning my teeth. Plus, it turns out that my wisdom teeth on the top are about half-out and they’re both coming out an angle and angled towards my cheeks. So guess who’s dentist recommends that she has dental surgery to get them yoinked out! But apparently my teeth need to come out a bit more first. And then I started to think of when would be an appropriate time to arrange for the removal of my wisdom teeth. November doesn’t work because of midterm, papers, lab exams and NaNoWriMo. December doesn’t work because of finals. January doesn’t work because it’s ‘settling into new classes’ time. February and March is midterms while April is final exams. Then there’s May to August, which covers work. I mean, I could do it during one of the long weekends during that time period (BC Day, anyone?). Of course, if I work at the same place again, I’d have to put up with people making snarky comments about my lack of wisdom teeth.

Just remembered. Apparently work is falling apart. If the guys there were flies, they’d all be dropping. R is leaving at the end of this month and started a new job (as a manager, yay for him). D (the nice one) is potentially leaving – he’s searching for a new job. Clay’s getting promoted to shift supervisor, but because ‘everyone else’ is leaving (and getting jobs that pay more), he’s going to start looking for a new job (again). So of course, if that happens and I go back to work there next summer, it means I’d get stuck with… A (ew), D (the bad one) and K for company. Am I impressed with this? Not very much at all. So I’m attempting not to be selfish, even though I really am deep down inside.

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  1. lol I’d be okay with the lolipop. Free candy? I’m not complaining.

    Aaaw sounds like work isn’t going to be as fun for you anymore without everybody there T^T.

  2. Man, I like candy, but if a woman was patronizing when she offered it, I’d be pissed. My response would have been quite similar to yours, haha.

    I had my wisdom teeth out over a year ago, and it’s not so bad. =) You’re a little out of it for several days, but you’re absolutely fine within a week. It’s just sucks it’s so hard to fit into your schedule. =(

    And I’m sorry your work friends are leaving you; why not just keep your eyes out for something you’d maybe like more until then? At least you’ll have some options. =)

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