I’m currently listening to a contemporary instrumental piece by Yiruma. It’s beautiful and I’m in love with it. It’s called “River Flows in You” and is currently being mistaken for “Bella’s Lullaby” (by Carter Burwell) by the Twilighters. I don’t know why, it just is. But it’s a beautiful song anyways and deserves a listen (to those wondering, yes the soundtrack for Twilight is available for preorder but there’s like… 5 exclusive tracks that haven’t been leaked yet).

Anyways, I’m currently avoiding my father again. Hence the blogging and commenting one everyone’s latest blog entry at least once (Hey, you get hits when I avoid my father – bonus? I think so.) and texting Clay even though I know he’s currently working on a friend’s car and probably doesn’t have his cell phone on him. The latest text message that I’ve sent out includes “I need a hug.” and “Hey…”. Very vague, but then I’m not in a very “let’s be detailed!” kind of mood.

And I’m about to get started on my biology since my quiz is on Tuesday (morning… at 9am. I can hardly wait.). Well, I’m going to get started right after this:

I got an email from a visitor (Anna who didn’t include a URL) asking me if I ever feel bad about what I write about people (i.e. my father and the boyfriend) on my blog.

You write a lot of personal stuff online. Do you ever feel bad about how you portray people or go back and edit it?

To be perfectly honest, I censor myself quite a bit when I’m blogging. I’m not going to talk about every single detail of every single day. I don’t outline every single time I kiss the boyfriend or go into detail about what I did with him where. I try not to go into too much detail about anything, actually, and I do censor myself in that way. That being said… It’s my blog. It’s my place to express myself and keep a rather nice timeline about my life. I started this blog in October of last year, so it’s almost the site’s birthday. I have over 400 blog entries and it chronicles almost my entire first year of university. The things that I saw, the things that I felt. And I do try to keep things detailed while not going into too much detail. And I don’t necessarily feel bad about the way that I portray people because, let’s say there’s a blog entry about an argument that I had with Clay (I’m sure you all know there’s a lot of those around). How I portrayed him in those entries is just how I felt at the time. I don’t go back and edit it to make it all sound cheery and sunshiney because it just wasn’t at the time. That being said, I do sometimes go back and make the posts password protected. But you have to remember, despite the fact that it is a blog, I am fully aware that it’s available online and that anyone could read it. That’s why I usually name people with initials and don’t list details like the name of the company I work for or the names of my professors or school. I try for anonymity while keeping it realistic at the same time. And I do have some private blog entries no one can read except for me when I’m logged into WordPress.

And that was perfectly long winded answer that could have been answered with “Not really and no, but I do change if anyone can access it”.

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  1. hey! I just dont care about censoring myself on my site anymore. i mean i’m an open person and it doesnt really matter if someone reads it or not.but I understand ..i mean i dont write intimate details of some things. and so what. if you need to vent its really good therapy!

  2. I feel the same when it comes to my blog. =) I make sure that I don’t give away enough to let anyone find me or my friends. When it comes to referring to my friends, it’s usually by a nickname, so people aren’t getting much information.
    And I totally agree with your thoughts about the content. Whoo, for similar opinions! =P

    And I’ll try and find a good picture of me in my dress. Sadly, I’m very bad about taking pictures at dances. I get too into the fun, that I don’t feel like pausing to take a picture. I regret it afterward and have to steal pictures that my friends took of us. xD

  3. My family and friends know about my site, so I don’t really blog about anything personal. Though if I do, I don’t name names. I would never feel bad about it though, I have the right to feel what I want and talk about it on my personal site. So no, you shouldn’t feel bad either. But not giving full details is probably a good thing as well.

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